Still 'confusion' in Lancashire over police Covid powers

Lancashire’s top cop says there is still some confusion in the county over how the Government’s social distancing regulations should be applied.

By Brian Ellis
Saturday, 4th April 2020, 9:32 am

Chief Constable Andy Rhodes, whose force came in for criticism for issuing 123 fines last weekend to people breaking the rules, admits it is not just the public - but also some of his own officers - who may have misinterpreted the measures.

“Two weeks in and we’re seeing some initial confusion amongst members of the public, which is understandable, and in fact our own staff, about what people can and can’t do under the new measures,” he said in a video message on social media.

"These are unprecedented times. None of us ever thought that we would have out movements restricted in a way that we are doing at the moment.

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Chief Constable Andy Rhodes

"So what we have seen after a couple of weeks is people getting into a routine. It is difficult, They are juggling things. Our staff are briefed and they are speaking to people explaining what the rules are - what they can and can't do.

"Just having a chat with people and working it out because the ethos that we are all trying to follow here is to reduce contact.

"Our staff are out there hoping to keep you safe and we are using enforcement as a very, very last option."