"Not a chance it will be over": Your views on whether lockdown 2 will end in December

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has promised MPs that England’s new lockdown restrictions will end on 2 December “whatever happens.”

By Iain Lynn
Thursday, 5th November 2020, 10:25 am
Updated Thursday, 5th November 2020, 10:28 am

The second national lockdown is due to remain in place for a period of four weeks, starting on Thursday 5 November, and will see a ban on household mixing indoors, a crackdown on travel, and several types of business forced to close.

Amid concerns that England’s lockdown could be extended beyond 2 December, the PM guaranteed “without a shred of doubt” that the restrictions would expire in four weeks’ time, as planned

We asked for your views on our Facebook page and here is a selection of your comments.

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The second national lockdown is due to remain in place for a period of four weeks

We will go back into Tier 3 so it’s like a lockdown already for us.

Janice Wharton

He’s known for being honest and always telling the truth, so of course I believe him...

Nige Ali

If Boris Johnson says it will finish in four weeks then you can gaurentee that it will finish in 4 weeks because despite his many faults he is a man of his word

Daryl Collinson

Just read that cases here are falling and so hopefully if this keeps going down it will only be till December 2 this time. The future is in our hands so Fingers crossed

Jules Livesey

Not a chance it will be over

Jason Peel

It will be “over” by then, only because many areas will revert back to tier 3 so technically not the current ‘lockdown’ but not far off in all honesty...

Catherine Anne Huddleston

And be replaced with something worse probably

Kudo McCollie

What is the point of the lockdown if the restrictions will stop on the 2nd December no matter what. Are we being blagged or what?!

Stey Maloney

If he can say that with certainty, then it’s not about numbers.

Matthew Griffin

Is that the same man who said we wouldn’t go into lockdown .....

Michelle Plaiter

After the lockdown, do you honestly think we go straight back to T1. It would be a T3 then if the r number drops again ,then gos to T2 .and so on.

Chris McIntyre

This so called lockdown won’t solve anything, idiots refuse to isolate, factories are still working and many of them don’t follow social distancing or safety measures, universities still open

Doris Panther

What it means is in 3 weeks there will be a unanimous u-turn and they will extend the lockdown by a week or two... Everything ‘promised’ so far they have changed their minds on

Stephanie Wrigley

I don’t think there is a need to ‘promise’ anything in these uncertain times. It would be far better to say ‘we are hopeful that with everyone’s co operation we can end lockdown in 4 weeks’

Aimee Wharton

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