Lancashire mum: 'I didn't realise I had coronavirus'

A suspected coronavirus victim from Lancashire has urged people not to ignore any mild symptoms of the illness.

By Mike Hill
Friday, 27th March 2020, 11:45 am
Don't ignore any signs which may be coronavirus
Don't ignore any signs which may be coronavirus

Doctors believe the mother-of-two has contracted Covid-19 and she is now recovering in self-isolation at home near to Preston.

The 51-year-old, who asked not to be named, said: “It started with a sore throat and I just thought I was coming down with yet another cold.

“I did not have a persistent cough or temperature so I just carried on as normal, putting others at risk. It is so important that people are aware of all symptoms.”

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The woman, who has not been tested for coronavirus, does not know where she contracted the virus and warns she had been taking social distancing precautions, washing regularly and wearing clean gloves while out in the days before falling ill.

She said: “It started on Saturday with a sore throat. I’m quite susceptible to colds, and mine always start with a sore throat, so I really wasn’t worried when I checked the NHS website and it gave persistent cough and/or temperature as the symptoms of coronavirus.

“There was no mention of a sore throat so I just carried on as normal for the next couple of days, even dropping off Mother’s Day presents on my elderly mum’s doorstep.

“It wasn’t until two days later I started with a tight chest that I started to worry. At the same time, I started feeling really tired and needed to lie down.

“I went to bed on Monday afternoon and am still in bed. I phoned my GP on Tuesday afternoon who said that my symptoms were classic symptoms of Covid-19 and she felt certain that I had it.

“I am still in bed, with a tight chest, exhausted and feeling dreadful.

“The last time my chest felt like this was when I was very, very poorly with Swine Flu. I’m really worried, as one of my children really struggles with asthma and I fear that I have passed it on to her.

“People must be aware that there are other symptoms other than a persistent cough or temperature. Not everyone with a sore throat has coronavirus be people need to be vigilant that it might be.”

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