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Monday, 11th May 2020, 7:58 am
Updated Monday, 11th May 2020, 7:59 am

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson records his televised message to the nation released on May 10 (Photo: No 10 Downing Street via Getty Images)

Coronavirus live blog, May 11

Last updated: Monday, 11 May, 2020, 08:46

Starbucks to reopen 150 stores

Policeman pleads with public to social distance

People working in social care have 'significantly' higher Covid-19 death rate

Those working in social care, including care workers and home carers, have "significantly" higher death rates involving Covid-19 than the working population as a whole, new analysis suggests.

The rate of death involving Covid-19 is estimated to be 23.4 deaths per 100,000 males in England and Wales, while for female social care workers the figure is 9.6.

By contrast, for all males of working age (20-64 years old), the rate of death involving Covid-19 is 9.9 deaths per 100,000, with 5.2 deaths per 100,000 females.

The figures have been calculated by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

People can meet different family members 'outside in the outdoors'

Dominic Raab with more questions (and there a lot of them) ‘answered’ this morning.

The Foreign Secretary has said that, under the new lockdown rules, people can meet different family members separately on the same day while maintaining social distancing.

Asked if someone could meet their mother in the morning and their father in the afternoon, he said: "Outside in the outdoors, staying two metres apart, yes."

He told BBC Breakfast: “If you're out in the park and you're two metres apart, we're saying now, and use some common sense and you socially distance, you can meet up with other people.”

'I'm not sure on what basis the Government has made this decision'

The Government's slow easing of lockdown measures continues to be divisive, and now the chairman of the British Medical Association (BMA) has said he does not know on "what basis" the decision was made.

Dr Chaand Nagpaul told BBC Breakfast: "At the moment we have more people dying on Saturday than we had at the beginning of the lockdown.

"We've also seen about 4,000 new cases every day over the weekend, and that's just a fraction of the real number of new cases because of the limited testing.

"What we've not heard is how the Government will enforce social distancing and how it will avoid a whole neighbourhood playing in a park, with footballs moving from one group to another, and spreading the disease.

“I'm really concerned that there is no clarity.”

Teachers' union has 'very serious concerns' about children returning to school

Earlier this morning, Dominic Raab confirmed there will be a "phased" approach to reopening primary schools, starting with Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 pupils from June 1, “subject to conditions.”

Now the general secretary of  teachers' union NASUWT has said the profession has "very serious concerns" about children returning to school.

Patrick Roach told BBC Breakfast: "The Government has announced a date but hasn't come forward with a plan about how schools will ensure that they're safe for pupils and safe for staff to be in from June 1.

"The profession has got very serious concerns about that announcement of June 1, whether indeed it is possible to achieve it, but also how to achieve that in a way which is safe for pupils and staff."

"If you're dealing with five and six-year-olds and 11-year-olds, how to ensure stringent social distancing in that context is a big challenge and Government simply haven't answered that challenge.

"Parents will want to know that schools are going to be hygienic, they're going to be safe for their children to be in. We still don't have any clear standards about what safe cleaning routines would be like within a school context and we need to have that."

Public must be 'very mindful' of devolved administrations' approaches to lockdown

Dominic Raab has told BBC Breakfast: "You can drive as far as you want to drive to go and walk in a park or a particular area that you're fond of as long as you maintain the social distancing.

"But obviously, if you're going from one part of the UK to another, so if you're going from England to Wales or from Scotland to Wales and different rules are in place because the devolved administrations take a different approach you need to be very mindful of the regulations that they've got in place."

Pubs could reopen from 4 July 'at the very earliest'

Dominic Raab continues to clear up the public's questions on the slightly more relaxed lockdown rules.

Asked when pubs and restaurants could reopen, the Foreign Secretary told Sky News: "I just don't think we are ready yet, given where we are with the virus.

"There's the other changes for things like non-essential retail, and people going back to school, particularly primary school, which won't start until the earliest on June 1 - subject to conditions.

"And then, starting from July 4 at the very earliest, those are the sectors where - they are just inherently more difficult because people are mixing together and it's difficult to maintain the social distancing - we wouldn't be able to say, based on the advice we get, and the monitoring we do, that we would start them at least until July 4."

Playing football 'not allowed' under current lockdown rules

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has been fielding questions from the public this morning ater last night's Prime Ministerial address was branded ‘confusing’ and ‘divisive’ by some critics.

Over 5,000 queries have been submitted.

Speaking on BBC Breakfast, Raab suggested people will not be allowed to play football under the relaxed lockdown rules, "because you can't stay two metres apart.

"We do want people to play more sport and let me give you one example of something you can do.

"Two people from the same home could go and play tennis, because that's something where they could stay two metres apart from everyone else.

"What you couldn't then do, and this is why we say you've got to stay alert, you couldn't then go into the clubhouse and mill around where you will be within two metres of other people.

"Football would be one of those where I think would be very difficult to stay two metres apart if you're playing, you know, 11-a-side or even five-a-side."

Labour calls for greater clarity on workers' return to work

The Labour party has called for greater clarity on how workers are meant to return to their jobs during the coronavirus crisis, following Boris Johnson's address in which he said people who cannot work from home should be "actively encouraged" to return to their jobs from today.

The party's shadow home secretary Nick Thomas-Symonds told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "People should be able to work in safety.

"People shouldn't be in the uncertain position that they are today.

"Certainty helps workers. It helps employers. And, that's what the Government should actually be providing."

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