What we know about the Augar Review

Tuition fees are rumoured to be going down....Tuition fees are rumoured to be going down....
Tuition fees are rumoured to be going down....
Philip Augar was asked to review the higher education sector by the Government.

In February 2018, the Prime Minister, Theresa May, announced in a speech that there would be a "wide-ranging review into post-18 education" with a brief to look at how future students will contribute to the cost of their studies, including "the level, terms and duration of their contribution."

The Prime Minister ruled out any suggestion of scrapping tuition fees but it is rumoured that they could be slashed from the current average of £9, 250 per year to around £7,500.

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It is also expected that the terms of repayment and a lowering of interest rates to bring then more in line with government borrowing levels will also be recommended.

Besides a shake-up of fees it is also expected that maintenance grants will be reinstated for students from poor er backgrounds.

The Augar Report will also call for much more support for further education and skills- including easier access to loans.

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