Two Lancashire sisters step out for Sport England's new Fit Got Real campaign

Laura and Tiff out trainingLaura and Tiff out training
Laura and Tiff out training
Lancashire sisters Laura Davies and Tiffany Guston are trail-blazing the way to physical fitness.

The ladies are backing the latest initiative from the pioneering Sport England’s This Girl Can campaign.

Its new campaign message Fit Got Real aims to tackle the inequalities in levels of exercise between different social Laura and Tiffany didn’t think they had time to exercise but they vowed last Christmas they would get fit again.They started running together and built up gradually to longer runs.

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Laura, of Ribchester, had trained as a PE teacher and said she found it much easier to stay fit and healthy when she was younger.

After starting a new office job, getting married and having her first baby, she struggled to fit exercise into her life. With her fitness was at an all-time low her lack of activity, combined with asthma, meant she was getting out of breath even reaching the top of the stairs.

Tiff’s interest in fitness had started in her early 20s when she ran a half marathon for charity. When she was working a 9-5 office job she would still go to the gym six times a week doing doing boxing, spinning, weight lifting and working out with a personal trainer. However, when Tiff from Blackburn changed career to become a teacher, she found the long hours her meant she wasn’t working out much either.

Laura’s advice is: “Just start off slow and easy with whatever you feel comfortable with. In January I couldn’t run 1km because I was so unfit and was suffering from asthma, but I just did 10 minutes of exercise. I increased how much I was doing each time and am now running 10Ks! To start with, exercise felt like a chore but now it’s fun.”

Tiff said: “Set realistic goals. Figure out a realistic workout regime that fits your lifestyle! Don’t worry about what it is you do just make sure you’re doing something.”

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