Special visitor has a VIP tale for primary school pupils

Training dog Jet joins the class at Ridge Community Primary SchooolTraining dog Jet joins the class at Ridge Community Primary Schoool
Training dog Jet joins the class at Ridge Community Primary Schoool
Going to school is a dog's life - as pupils at Ridge Community Primary School have been finding out.

Staff and pupils at the Keswick Road school in Lancaster were treated to a visit by a special visitor.

Jet, the canine educator and her handler Shirley King called in to help pupils learn how to behave around their four-legged friends.

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Dog-lover Shirley set up Leyland-based Canine Education and Training CIC.

With the help of canine assistants, adults go into schools all over the area teaching them how to be with the animals.

The venture works with schools and other children’s organisations across Lancashire to raise awareness of dog behaviour, understanding their body language and natural instincts, how to defuse a dangerous situation if one arises, and how to live safely in the home with a pet dog.

The aim is to try to reduce the number of children hurt by dogs, by improving the youngsters’ understanding of dog psychology and behaviour.

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Headteacher, Mrs Sue Fitt, said Jett was given the VIP treatment

She added: “Most children love animals, and dogs in particular, and our children are no exception.

“All the children (and staff!) here at Ridge Community Primary School were very excited to have such a beautiful, friendly and well behaved dog visit us for the day.

“It was fantastic to see how well the children listened and responded to all the excellent advice.’

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CIC is currently running an interactive programme called Living Safely with Dogs and presents to around 1,000 children a month.

Staff also provide training or public sector employees who come into contact with dogs during the course of their work.

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