School windows get a green £1m makeover

An award-winning Penwortham school is planning to spend more than £1m making its old buildings more eco friends.
Matt Eastham, headteacher at Penwortham Priory AcademyMatt Eastham, headteacher at Penwortham Priory Academy
Matt Eastham, headteacher at Penwortham Priory Academy

Priory Academy obtained funding from the DFE Condition Improvement Fund to replace a many of the old flat roofs with new insulation and felt systems to will help insulate the building.

Windows in the assembly hall dating back to the 1950s will be ripped out and replaced with state-of-the art units and the old gym will get a makeover.

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Keith Bolton, facilities manager at the Crow Hills Road school, said: “It will make the buildings more energy efficient for the next 25 years and help the school reduce its carbon foot print.

He added: “We are replacing some of the existing windows in the Assembly Hall and the gym which have been there since the school was built in 1953.

“The existing gym floor will also be replaced with a modern surface and lighting and decoration will be improved.”

The renovations are the latest part of a multi-million pound facelift which has seen a new multi million pound technology block built in 2008, a £1m Humanities and Language building completed in 2014 and last year a new £750,000 state of art science block was opened.

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Plans are also in hand to relacean old pre-fab building installed in the 1960s.

Headeacher Matt Eastham said once the work is completed the school will be able to offer the most up-to-date surroundings to bring out the best from his teachers and students.

Mr Eastham said: “ To have yet more significant investment in the school, to improve the look and feel of the roofs, windows and ultimately the entire learning environment for our pupils, is another example of how the school is moving forward to support our pupils in the best possible ways.

“We want Priory to continue to be a school that pupils feel proud to come to and the way the school looks helps hugely in creating that feeling for them.”

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