'˜Rules are rules for parents': Your say on our school holiday story

Mum Julie McAvoy is furious at the schools decisionMum Julie McAvoy is furious at the schools decision
Mum Julie McAvoy is furious at the schools decision
A 15-year-old pupil has been warned he will be banned from his school prom next year if he flies out to the Mediterranean for a family wedding during term time.

Year 10 student Lewis Atkinson also faces being barred from his form’s GCSE awards ceremony in July 2019 if he takes two weeks out in October to see his aunt get married in Crete.

Now mum Julie McAvoy has pleaded with the headteacher and governors at Our Lady’s Catholic High School in Preston to lift the threat claiming “it’s harsh and unjustified.”

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“They are punishing Lewis for something that isn’t his fault,” said Julie at home in Lea.

“I booked the trip, not him. “All the family is going and we can’t leave him home alone.”

Here's what you had to say about this story:

School is not only there to educate it’s there to prepare you for life. Once in employment if you are refused leave but you take it anyway you’ll be out of a job.

Mark Roberts

Rules in school are rules Parents sign up for them The parent can’t decide what rules will apply to their child or not

Carmel Antrobus

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Two weeks off for a wedding really. Wedding is one day so would need max three days off school.

Jenni Curwen

It’s absolutely disgusting, I know of someone who has a top record with no absences and told they cannot take two days off at the end of term to go on holiday and another one because they attended their own parent’s funeral. Needs to be changed

Sheila Ashton

Teachers can do no wrong even when they strike for weeks and months

Nick Lloyd

You know country’s messed up when schools rule your child’s life – should be able to do what you want with your own child

Damon Gallagher

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This is terrible. It’s ok for the schools to take them out on educational trips (which they aren’t) for five days or so if not longer. Disneyland Paris – I’m sorry what’s educational about that?

No maths and English involved there

Laura Osgerby

It’s not a wedding down the road but a fortnight abroad. She would have known the rules when she booked it.

Catherine Gilbert

Most important time for your child is year 11, I would never have let anything interfere with my childrens education at this stage, totally back the school, parents should be fined more as more and more aren’t bothered about the fine – disgusting attitude

Susan Jones

Completely unfair policy. The parents are already being ‘punished’ with a fine - why take it out on the child as well? Proms and award evenings should not be used as incentives in this way. I hope you get this decision overturned.

Julie Marie

I would normally agree with the school but this does seem harsh. As long as the rest of the school year he’s had excellent attendance I don’t see why he can’t go.

Nicola Collison

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