Preston school children tell the PM his Covid message is boring

If the Government wants people to take notice of the Covid-19 rules then they need to get a more eye-catching logo.

Monday, 9th November 2020, 12:30 pm
Updated Monday, 9th November 2020, 12:51 pm
Youngsters at Longridge CE Primary have designed an eye-catching Covid-19 safety logo

That's the message youngsters at a Longridge school are sending out to Westminster.

The eight year olds at Longridge CE Primary, near Preston, said the official safety message was too boring so they set about designing their own.

Between them the year fours at the Berry Lane school came up with a colourful emblem they are hoping will be adopted by people across the county and have forwarded it to Lancashire County Council to see if it can be included on the official website

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Year Four at Longridge CE Primary with their new Covid-19 safety message

They are hoping schools across the county will adopt the cheery sign and want pupils to put it in their windows, just like millions did nationwide with the NHS rainbow.

Their teacher has already contacted local shops asking them to display it and are even hoping the logo could be turned into a badge and rolled out across the country.

Class teacher and deputy head Timothy Nixon said: " We have been looking at and talking about the coronavirus as part of our wellbeing and I must admit I was absolutely amazed about how much they knew and understood about what is going on.

"The children actually said themselves that the official government logo was too drab and boring. They said it needed to be more colourful and eye catching to make people take notice.

"So, we pooled ideas, talked about them and them came up a design."

He added: " The logo is circular and contains the colours from the rainbow. This represents our tribute to the NHS and health services across the world.

Inside this circle is a globe, reminding us that the coronavirus is a wide world responsibility as it has become a pandemic.

"Above the globe are the words 'Protect our future' this refers not just to the future of children, but also to the future of every person throughout the world. "The writing to the side of the globe 'Defeat Covid 19' is our mission and the writing underneath 'Follow the rules' gives us clear instructions as how we can achieve our mission.

"We feel that the design is dynamic and gives clear direction. It would be wonderful if this logo could be used in some small way to help with the efforts to defeat coronavirus in Lancashire."

Timothy added: " Some shops have already put the posters up and we are waiting to hear from the county education department.

"The children are really excited about getting their logo out there and it would be fantastic if it gets used."