Preston primary school makes a real connection with its caring Covid video based on McFly hit

A primary school teacher was so inspired by a pupil's Covid message he got his class together to create a very special video.

Wednesday, 3rd March 2021, 3:45 pm

Matt Draper, year six teacher at St Maria Goretti Catholic Primary School, Preston (SMG), explained that the creative idea came about as the children were working on journalistic writing in literacy.

One youngster chose to write about the impact of Covid on children.

Matt, who is the computing lead for the school, said he was touched by a sentence written by year six pupil Maria Lugtu who is currently home learning.

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Pupils and staff together on the video

Maria's words "We are not socially distancing; we are virtually connecting" really set the ball rolling.

Matt said: "This inspired me.

"I came home and thought about how we can truly connect and bring our class together.

"My wife is a huge McFly fan and had the song playing 'I'll Be Ok' by McFly.

The year six gift with its message

"Sat at my desk I saw a gift from an old year six class. The quote made me realise that we could connect."

Matt continued: "The government however still insist on reducing singing in class; hence the lip sync!

"Each year six child at home and in school were then invited to contribute a few lines to the song. They could dress up, get the family involved etc.

"Before we filmed the clips, I ensured that we spent time talking about why it is fine doing something like this, but it must be for a reason - the children.

"We discussed that Covid was tricky, that it was ok to be upset, that as a male teacher it was ok to cry, but we talked about their well-being and their family's wellbeing too.

"We discussed that parents may have lost jobs or not be earning as much and how to remain humble during these times.

"And of course that teaching and learning should be fun and memorable.

"Finally, we wanted to use the devices - from the DfE - to their full potential and to be fair to them we received them quickly and they work brilliantly. Not often a teacher praises the DfE.

Proud head teacher Amanda Rich said she was "overwhelmed" by what pupils and staff had done together.

She said: "At SMG we strongly promote ‘together we are stronger’

"We use creative ways to keep pupils and staff engaged and give them chance to stay mentally healthy especially during this time when people are feeling the strain.

"The video was one of the ways to give the message that it’s ok to feel this way as we’re in this together.

"The DFE have provided some of our families with laptops so that all barriers were removed to make this possible.

"I am overwhelmed with the hard work from the staff and the outstanding response to remote learning from our parents.

"I am so proud of you all."