Penwortham schoolgirl has her locks cropped in assembly to help young cancer victims and to pay for CCTV at Kingsfold Primary School

Schoolgirl Toni-Lea Dewhurst may have lost her crowning glory but she is most definitely the toast of her primary school

By Sonja Astbury
Wednesday, 6th March 2019, 12:53 pm
Updated Wednesday, 6th March 2019, 1:58 pm
Toni-Lea Dewhurst had her hair cut at school by Vicky Tait to rise money for charity and CCTV at school
Toni-Lea Dewhurst had her hair cut at school by Vicky Tait to rise money for charity and CCTV at school

The 11-year-old, who had grown her hair all her life, had it shorn in front of her schoolmates to help pay for security lights at Kingsfold Primary in Penwortham.

Toni-Lea wanted to do something to help raise money for her school, and hit on the idea of helping two causes at one time by donating her hair to charity at the same time.

So, with the support of her mum Emma and staff at Kingsfold, she decided to have her flowing locks lopped.

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Toni-Lea holds her lovely long locks in her hands after they have been lopped for charity

Emma said: “A lot of schools in the area have CCTV but the cameras are so expensive so we wanted to help.

“She asked friends and family to sponsor her to have her hair cut.

“A close friend of the family had cancer and Tony-Lea recently lost her granddad so she wanted to donate her hair to the Little Princess Trust.”

School agreed to make the hair cut the focus of assembly while staff member Vicky Tait agreed to cut the hair in front of staff and parents while mum sold prizes for a raffle.

Emma added: “When she had her first ponytail cut we both cried.

“But she loves it now and says her hair is so much more manageable.

“She doesn’t have to keep asking me to cut her hair."

Headteacher Kellie Rooney said: “Toni-Lea is a wonderful example of the kind of caring nature we encourage and foster at our school.

“She has done a very selfless act to provide hair for the Little Princess Trust.

“Thank you to all of those that donated to the school and supported her.”

So far she has raised more than £400 and her hair will be made into a wig for children with cancer.