Moor Nook Community Primary School: Lancashire Post readers clash over controversial ice cream rewards scheme

Yesterday, the Post revealed that Moor Nook Community Primary School in Ribbleton provides an end of half term treat to only its students with high attendance, which caused an outrage amongst many parents.

By Aimee Seddon
Tuesday, 5th April 2022, 12:30 pm

At the end of each half term, an ice cream van visits the school and those with 96% attendance or above get to enjoy their treat, in front of those who were not as fortunate.

As well as proving controversial with parents, the story proved so with general members of the public too, with over 225 comments on our Facebook post creating quite a debate.

Whilst the majority of our readers expressed anger at the rewards scheme, others believed it had some merit, take a look at some of the ‘for’ and ‘against’ below:

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Post readers have reacted to Moor Nook Community Primary School's ice cream rewards system.


Gary Spencer Bonehill: “That’s savage”

Danielle Sowerby: “As a parent of a child with additional needs there's no way she could ever have 100% attendance with appointments at alder hey Manchester children's and Royal Preston its very unfair”

Sue Lavery: “So basically if your child has health issues, physically or mentally, that results in lower attendance they are made to lose out on a treat. Some children will never get one, and to get the other children to eat the ice cream in front of them is just cruel.

“Other thing is schools are supposed to promote healthy eating, don’t think this falls into that category!!”

Vera Baldwin: “That’s disgraceful! What a way to treat young children.”

Jackson Shazzy Shaz: “The attendance awards are quite unfair on sen pupils who are quite often with mental health issues or other health issues, they quite often lose out that way which is really unfair.”

Tracey Gaston: “And what about the abused kids who can't get to school this is wrong on so many levels...”

Natalie Lawson “Disgusting behaviour from people who should know better”

Christine Marie Anderton: “I think this is totally wrong in every sense of the word.”

Diane Nicholson: “That is really wicked to do that to small children. So sad for a school to do that.”

Hannah Ruth Sawford: “That's mental abuse. School is meant to be an enjoyable safe environment. For some children it's their only solace.”

Jimmy Fisher: “I wonder how some of the teachers would feel if their colleagues got extra money for not having time off work through sickness”

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Ian Wills: “Turn up for school simple”

Irena Riding: “Why's it mental torture...... you show up to school you get rewards..... you show up to work you get paid....... that's life”

Steve Critchlow: “It’s a bit harsh as there may be reasons but ultimately it’s real life. Not everyone can be a winner”

Austin Hutton: “Equal opportunity, not outcome. Welcome to the real world. Life's hard, learn it now.”

John Greenwood Snr: “Worked for a company who rewarded you an extra day's holiday for 1 year no absents. Awarded on merit nothing wrong with that..”

Darren McDuff: “All the yoghurt knitters complaining again. I fear for these kids when they grow up. They will have absolutely no idea what the real world will throw at them. Life is cruel and unkind. The sooner you realise this, the easier it will be to deal with it.”

Chris Mcloughlin: “Talk about 1st world problems.... pfffff”

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