Lancaster school remains partially closed after structural issue in building

Parts of Dallas Road Community Primary School remain closed today, Thursday, after it was closed due to a structural issue which left the building unsafe.

Dallas Road Community Primary School.
Dallas Road Community Primary School.

The school issued an urgent message on Wednesday morning for parents to collect their children due to one side of the school being "unsafe".

Lancashire County Council and structural engineers have now carried out an investigation of the main school building, where the issue had been identified above the LGGS science labs, and the school has been declared safe to reopen to certain classes.

Remote learning will take place for reception and Year 1 children, and it is hoped the school will fully reopen next week.

Head Adam Newton said: "We had to close the school as a precaution while investigations took place into a structural issue which had been identified with our main school building.

"This has now been inspected by Lancashire County Council and, while parts of the building cannot be used for now, we will be able to open the school again for most year groups tomorrow.

"Unfortunately the reduced classroom space means the school will have to remain closed for both Year 1 and reception classes, however we will be providing remote learning for these children.

"We are working closely with the county council to resolve the issue with the building as soon as possible and have been advised that we should be able to accommodate the full school again from next Monday.

"I'm very grateful to parents and carers for their understanding as am aware of the disruption the temporary closure will cause for those families affected."

In a letter to parents, Mr Newton said the issue also means that, for the moment, large sections of the school playground will be cordoned off and the school will not be using it for playtimes, with alternative arrangements being made.

The large gates on the High Street side of school will be locked and the slope that leads down the hill from the main office area will be closed off. Access to the school via the main office, however, will still be possible.

Entry to school at the start and end of the day for children will still be via the gates on Dallas Road, and due to the limits on outside space over the next two days the decision has been made to stagger collection times.