Lancashire A-Level results: Runshaw College

Students from Runshaw College, Leyland, open their results for A Level exams - students from the Chorley area, from left, Nadia Hallwood, Leon Hewitt, Jasmine Price, Rebecca Hampton, Thomas Holmes and Ciaran Davies.LEP  - A LEVEL RESULTS DAY (MOCK UP) 16-08-17
Students from Runshaw College, Leyland, open their results for A Level exams - students from the Chorley area, from left, Nadia Hallwood, Leon Hewitt, Jasmine Price, Rebecca Hampton, Thomas Holmes and Ciaran Davies.
LEP - A LEVEL RESULTS DAY (MOCK UP) 16-08-17 Students from Runshaw College, Leyland, open their results for A Level exams - students from the Chorley area, from left, Nadia Hallwood, Leon Hewitt, Jasmine Price, Rebecca Hampton, Thomas Holmes and Ciaran Davies.
Celebrations were top of the timetable at Leyland's Runshaw College as students collected their A Level results.

The Langdale Road campus was the scene of another set of spectacular results in both A Level and Advanced Vocational Qualifications .

This will now see more than 500 Runshaw students progressing to the top Russell Group universities and to a range of highly prestigious dance, music and drama academies.

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The average grade achieved by this year’s A Level students at Runshaw was once again a B, with 46 per cent of all grades in science and mathematics subjects being awarded at the top A* and A grades.

Around 80 per cent of all grades awarded to the college’s advanced level students were A*-B grades or equivalent.

A 100 per cent pass rate was achieved in every A Level and vocational course this year with more than half of the advanced vocational students achieving the highest grade available, a triple-distinction-star.

College principal Simon Partington said: “This has been another week of great celebrations at the college and we sincerely congratulate all our students for their well-deserved successes.

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“These exceptional results are also a great testament to our highly talented and dedicated staff.

“We are delighted that our class of 2017 will now be leaving the college fully equipped with the qualifications, skills and self-confidence to be highly successful in their future studies and employment.

He added: “Runshaw’s enduring success is based on a culture of excellence and enjoyment and a determination to provide all of our students with outstanding teaching, unrivalled support and access to an amazing range of additional, extra-curricular opportunities.

“By putting all of our energies into “getting it right” for each and every one of our students, we have always taken the view that examination results and league tables will take care of themselves.”


5 passes

P Patel,C Yau

4 passes

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