To kiss and hug or not: The nursery debate goes on

After our story about nursery staff not being allowed to kiss children in their care, we were inundated with your opinions.

Monday, 10th September 2018, 12:31 pm
Updated Monday, 10th September 2018, 1:37 pm
The poll was conducted by

The poll conducted by revealed that 67% of the nursery owners, managers and staff questioned said they are not allowed to kiss youngsters at their nursery.

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Majority of staff not allowed to kiss nursery children

Nursery nurses spend more time with your kids than working parents get to, they form attachments, I don't object to them showing affection in the form of a hug or a peck on their forehead or cheek, they become substitute family, empathy and affection is important in a childs development.

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Marie Dixon

Good they should not be allowed

Markus John

Good, they could pass on cold sores to vulnerable babies and children by kissing them.

Jenny Mason

I don't have a problem with it. I do however have a problem with children being told to kiss family members or family friends they may not want to. I remember being made to kiss my Mums uncles who held me rather longer than I would have liked. Like anything else if both parties are happy to why not?

Nic Lou Newsham

Why would you even want to kiss somebody's child?? I wouldn't want anyone kissing mine! How strange..

Kielly Anderson

There is nothing wrong with showing affection, and a hug when a child feels lost or lonely can work miracles,, what is wrong with this world,, how will a child know what affection is, some children are not lucky enough to have affection at home,so benefit enormously from any kind of affection from a trusted teacher,

Sandra Liddle

If I found out the nursery staff were kissing my kids I’d be asking questions.....yea you grow affections to the kids but they are NOT your kids

Andrew Cropper

Gosh this world is becoming a sad cold place!

Theresa Pickering

Ain't nobody kissing my child! In this day and age? Think people need to get a grip!

Chelle Garnett

And also remember some children get no affection at home, everyone should show it whether young or old, the world would be a nicer place, and those that have never had affection may grow up to be cold or unsympathetic

Sharon Reay

I think it is sad, in this day and age, we as childcare professionals, who mostly will spend more of the working week with the children rather than their parents are being made to feel dirty and wrong by showing a child affection. By affection i mean asupportive hug, sit on the knee, and i will admit as a mother and nursery practioner a kiss on the top of the head as a natural reaction when a child is upset or in need of reassurance. People are making out like we are full on kissing them on the lips or molesting them its disgusting. by us showing the most natural and innocent of behaviours i am mortified that children are going to grow up cold and emotionless. I would love someone to care for my child as i do, to show him love and affection if he is upset. Not to sit there and say 'there there'

You cannot help but make bonds and attachments to the children in your care, knowing each one, what makes each child unique and to how to care for them, emotionally, physically and educationally. We also build close bonds with parents and 100% would follow the parents wishes. I would not hug a child who did not like the close contact and upset their personal space, also.i would not turn a child away who had there arms out to me wanting a hug. It is all about the individual child and caring for the whole child. I will not be made to feel bad by some small minded people who only see the bad in this world!

Laura Ragan

My son went to a child minder up until he started Reception class. She showered him with love, cuddles and attention. He absolutely adored her and knew she had his back when things got tough and believe me, he went through a horrendous stage. She never gave up on him and he felt safe and secure.

Katie Egerton you truly were the best and we was lucky to have you

Kelli-ann Young

I think if you trust someone enough to leave your child with them then there are no worries about hugs and affection. I'd actually sign something to say I give you permission to hug my child when he/she needs it. Ridiculous.

Shirley Tomes