Inquiry launched into sex claims at a Lancashire school

A mum is calling for CCTV in school classrooms after her son was accused of assaulting two girls.
Broughton High School - Image from Google mapsBroughton High School - Image from Google maps
Broughton High School - Image from Google maps

A 14-year-old boy was suspended for six days from Broughton High School before, say his parents, being invited back when the claims were dismissed as untrue.

Now the couple say they will have to send their boy to another school outside Preston because of the “insensitive” way the matter was dealt with by staff. They have called for the introduction of CCTV in classrooms.

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“There is no way he can go back to Broughton after this,” said his father. “I’m not having other children pointing a finger at my son for something he didn’t do. Every pupil in his year knows about the allegations. They’ve been all over social media. That’s down to Broughton not dealing with this discreetly and properly in the first place. Why haven’t the other youngsters been suspended as well while all this was investigated? That makes him look guilty, when he isn’t.”

The school’s chair of governors launched a “thorough” inquiry into the case on Thursday, with the school being asked to explain its handling of the matter. The hearing will continue tomorrow.

The boy was sent home after the two girls accused him of touching them on the bottom and using improper language towards them in school. “While he was off school other pupils contacted him claiming the girls had made it up to get him in trouble,” said his dad.

“He had been in a bit of a scrap with one of the boys they were friendly with and this was to get back at him.”

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Broughton head teacher Chris Morris declined to talk directly to the Post when we contacted the school.

Later, a statement was issued through the Lancashire County Council communications department on behalf of the school in which the head confirmed an investigation was taking place.

Mr Morris said: “I can confirm that a complaint has been received following a recent pupil disciplinary process.

“The issue is now being dealt with in accordance with the usual procedure.

“It would be inappropriate of me to comment further.”