"Here we go again": Post readers react to new Covid measures for schools

Schools across the country are reopening this week, but what do the Post readers think about the circumstances?

By Aimee Seddon
Tuesday, 4th January 2022, 12:30 pm

From today, (Tuesday January 4), pupils across Lancashire will be returning to school following the Christmas break amidst the implementation of new coronavirus safety measures.

In advance of the new term, the government announced that face masks would be reintroduced to secondary school classrooms to help reduce the spread of the Omicron variant, whilst secondary school pupils will also be offered onsite testing on their first day.

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Omicron: Face masks to return to secondary school classrooms to tackle spread of...
Post readers have reacted to the new face mask measures in secondary schools.

When the Lancashire Post reported on the reintroduction of masks in classrooms last Sunday, our readers had plenty to say, whether they were showing their support or questioning the new measures.

One Facebook user, Reece Adam, commented: "Here we go again….."

In a similarly blunt fashion, Diane Hargreaves said: "& why not, won't kill anyone"

Margaret McLaughlin asked: "Where are the air filters? We are two years into this and the one thing that would make a huge difference isn't happening. Germany has spent half what our government spent on Eat Out To Help Out and put filters in every school."

Secondary school students must also be tested for Covid before starting the new term.

Sandra Steele said: "Very hard but we have to wear them all day at work ! And it’s better that staying off school until February"

Joanne Sanderson asked: "How can they concentrate on learning with these on their face all day? If its that bad shut schools again. Masks are not gona help this in a classroom."

Meanwhile, Rebecca Gould commented: "What do you prefer masks or learning from home. Something has to be done. Just get on with it."

The next day, the announcement that secondary schools are also being asked to provide lateral flow tests, also raised a few eyebrows on Facebook.

Gregg Rayner said: "Absolutely ridiculous. Let the circus continue I suppose"

Another user, Carol Lomas commented: "Well app[arently] people are cheating on theirs for holidays. So why won't kids do the same"

Chantelle Ann added: "These tests do not work!!!! My daughter tested negative for a full week on them yet her pcrs was positive !!"

Finally, Stacey Stewart said: "We have been doing this at home .. twice a week.. so what going change doing it at school? When the kids go back there are going to get colds and coughs .. millions of families and friends have mixed and mingled during the Christmas hoildays.. yes people are going catch it .. lockdown and furlough for people who work from home .. close things that needed to be closed ..