Going to school was like '˜coming home' for Janet

Janet Webborn describes the day she first stepped inside Brindle St James CE Priamry School as 'The day that changed my life forever.'

Brindle St James CE School's year sixes started and are leaving at the same time as Janet Webborn
Brindle St James CE School's year sixes started and are leaving at the same time as Janet Webborn

Now, as she contemplates retirement from a life in teaching the headteacher says of that day back in 2010: “I knew the minute I stepped in through the door that this was where I belonged.

“It was almost like it had been waiting for me and I was coming home.”

After 23 years in the profession, 15 spent teaching at St. Paul’s in Nelson, (five as deputy head) then seven and a half at Brindle, she is leaving at the same time as the year sixes who grew up alongside her.

Reiring head at Brindle St James CE Primary Janet Webborn

She says: “They were my first reception class and I have seen them grow from the age of four into the wonderful, caring and confident young people they are today.”

Mum-of-four Janet says she has nothing but fond memories of her time at the small village community, of which the school is a focal point.

She adds: “ So much has happened over the last seven years. School has changed beyond recognition, both physically and in the teaching and learning, growing from strength to strength.

Her vision at the outset was to make a difference whilst creating a safe place for the children to grow and develop “ treating each child as unique and meeting their individual needs,”

Teamwork, she says, was the key to success, both with parent, pupils and staff and during her time at St James’ education watchdogs Ofsted twice awarded the school a Good grading.

After devoting her life to school she now plans to spend her retirement with her own husband family.

Travelling the world is top of her timetable, along with “ Being able to get up when I what to and sitting in the garden.”

Janet says: “I am looking forward to spending time with my own wonderful children and grandchildren.

Addingl “I am planning to travel to places like Asia - Japan, China, Vietnam and Hong Kong.

“However, I will miss this school and the people in it more than words can say.”

She adds: “I have lived, breathed and dreamt BSJ for the last seven and a half years and it is so hard to have to let go. But it is right time for me to move and on and let someone else take the helm.”

Mrs Webborn will be succeeded by her deputy Mrs Alison Mansfield.