'Don't forget you are beautiful' - Readers show support to Blackpool girl bullied because of her ginger hair

A school has vowed to work with the family of a girl bullied by classmates because of her ginger hair.

Thursday, 24th January 2019, 6:17 am
Updated Thursday, 24th January 2019, 7:33 am
Emma Wright says her 12-year-old daughter, Stacey Wright

The mum of Stacey Wright, 12, said she was picked on so much she dyed it brown in the hope of putting an end to the name-calling.

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But even that did not stop the bullies, and her mum Emma says she went so far as to say she wanted to end her own life. Simon Eccles, headteacher of St Mary’s Academy in Blackpool said that the school maintained a ‘very robust anti-bullying policy’ and that bullying behaviour would not be tolerated.

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We asked for your views - and experiences of being red haired.

Here are some of your comments.

Children can be vile!! You’re a very beautiful girl please don’t forget that.Danielle Coburn

It took me nearly 36 years to accept my natural hair colour. Being ginger as a kid is hard. I would dye my hair every colour. Now I love it. But, this damage that is being done to this girl will stay with her for the rest of her life. Her confidence will be shot.Cheryl Kingbrook

Stacey, I’m ginger or was in ‘70 now and nothing’s changed but we are unique, all the rest are the same. How many gingers do you see.Carol Armer

I was bullied at school for being a ‘carrot top’ now girls dye their hair ginger!! They are only jealous!Emma Lewty

I’m a ginge and proud! After years of dying my hair. But I was never bullied for it. Jealousy springs to mindJordan Alexandra

I love ginger people.they look so special, so who doesn’t sees that they don’t know what beauty is! I was always amazed by them!Andreea Andronic

Jealousy, Stacey looks such a bonny lass. Keep your head held high, hope the bullying stopsLyons Caz

Red hair is great I love it. Be proud.Cath Field

‘Im sure your lovely with red hair you’ll probably be beautiful when older tough to ignore those people but remember your the pretty one.William Bassett

I’m a proud ginger, yes I was called names when I was younger, but there’s nothing like a splash of colour stops us from being boring and plain.Maria C Rowe

Kids don’t realise how cruel they can be.Jeff Holmes

I had this and guess what? When you leave school you notice how many fake redheads there are out there because they desperately want ginger hair. Doesn’t help at this stage...but it does get better. The school should take a harder view, if they know the kids doing it put them in isolationAndie Pass

50 years ago I was bullied for being blonde. Yes that’s right there weren’t many natural blondes then and my hair was white blonde so I was called whitehead and asked if my mum had bathed me in bleach.Pauline Thomas