Cardinal Newman offering support after exam results

All around the UK teenagers are anticipating receiving their GCSE results - but for those that don’t get the results that they want, it can be a difficult time.

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Thursday, 15th August 2019, 3:33 pm
The exam results are the end of five years of hard work.

The exam results are the end of five years of hard work at high school, with many securing fantastic grades and a place at college as a result.

But for many students GCSE results day is a very stressful time. With so much pressure to get good grades and move on to the next step in your academic career, what do you do if you haven’t done quite as well as you hoped?

“Talk to us.”

If you haven’t done quite as well as you hoped, don't panic.

That’s the message we’ve been given by Cardinal Newman College Principal, Nick Burnham.

“We know that GCSEs don’t always go to plan and sometimes students just don’t get the grades that they had hoped for,” he said. “However, we would strongly advise students to still attend their enrolment appointments so that they can discuss their options with us.

“We might have to consider an alternative route to the one you may have originally planned, but we will do our best to ensure you can get onto an appropriate course that will get you to the future that you are dreaming of.”

Although it might be difficult not to feel disappointed, there is always another way. The staff at Cardinal Newman College are there to support you and will be available to offer advice and guidance throughout the enrolment period, to ensure that each student is enrolled onto a suitable course, that most of all they are happy and excited about studying.

So if things haven’t gone to plan, try not to worry. With the right help and advice, you can ensure that this is simply a bump in the road to your future.

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