6 things you need to do to survive exam results day

As students across Lancashire prepare for exam result day, we spoke to careers advisers at the National Careers Service's Exam Results Helpline to point us in the right direction and tell us what you need to do ahead of the big day.

Friday, 3rd August 2018, 11:33 am
Updated Friday, 3rd August 2018, 12:48 pm
6 things you need to do to survive exam results day
6 things you need to do to survive exam results day

Exams results days can be a tough – but if you go into it with a plan and some prior thinking – you can make sure you’re prepared to handle anything it throws at you.

1. Have a plan for results day

From how you’re getting your results – online or at school? To who you’ll be with when you get your results – friends, parents or both? Decide on a game plan for the day and stick to it. Just because everyone else is opening their results at school, it doesn’t mean you have to. Put yourself first and do what works for you.

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6 things you need to do to survive exam results day

2. Know career paths aren’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’

Whether you think you want to work in advertising, or you want to work for a big car manufacturer – look up your dream job and understand all the different ways you could get there. Ahead of getting your results, know all your options.

3. Understand university isn’t the only route

Nowadays through an apprenticeship you can become a lawyer or an engineer and get a degree. So don’t assume that university is the best and only path for you. There are currently thousands of apprenticeship vacancies listed online – you never know – your dream employer may be looking for an apprentice to start asap!

4. Get your head around how Clearing works

If you’re awaiting A-levels exam results and planning to go to university, it’s important that you get your head around the Clearing process – even if you’re feeling confident you’ll get the results you want. 64,300 students obtained places through Clearing last summer in subjects from law to English, so make sure you’re clued up and prepared for Clearing just in case.

5. Seek advice from the experts

Families, friends and teachers can often be quite emotionally invested in your exam results, so it’s smart to seek out an expert’s opinion on your next steps. The best place to go for this advice is the Exam Results Helpline – the official service set up especially for those who have received their results and want to talk through their options. When you call, the Helpline’s careers advisers will chat through your situation and work with you to develop a plan. The Exam Results Helpline is a free service and will be open 8am – 10pm 7 days a week. It can be reached on 0800 100 900

6. Don’t panic, everything will be okay

Whether you get the results you expect – or you don’t – everything will work out in the long run. The best thing you can do is stay calm and focus your energy into figuring out your next steps. Remember, every year millions of students get through exam week and are sitting happy in successful jobs today.