Light up Blackpool Tower green for Lyme Disease awareness

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Lyme Disease U.K is a charity that works so hard to support sufferers of the disease, loved ones who become carers and also push for change within businesses, medical circles and the Government. Still to this day, many people don't know what Lyme Disease is. Yet it's becoming a global epidemic with cases every year rising across the globe. Lyme Disease comes from a tick, and although if treated early you can make a full recovery, if left untreated you can experience life-long and debilitating symptoms.

In honour of Lyme Disease awareness month and to bring more attention to the disease & illness as a charity over the past five years we have been lighting up iconic buildings nationwide in a green glow.

I came up with the idea five years ago and reached out to Blackpool Tower with it being the main iconic building/structure in my area. Luckily they agreed and we were lucky enough for the media to cover this incredible moment!

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In doing this we inspired other members to get in touch with their local coucils and businesses about lighting up buildings within their locations. Over the 5 years we have managed to light up a number of buildings every year during awareness month. Helping more people become more aware of the disease so they can prevent themselves from falling victim to the disease. It has also helped media pick up the disease more and councils are being more supportive as well. Which again all helps in our awareness campaign.

Sophie Ward as the tower glowed green from Lyme DiseaseSophie Ward as the tower glowed green from Lyme Disease
Sophie Ward as the tower glowed green from Lyme Disease

Since I was diagnosed in 2017 we had 5,000 members on Lyme Disease UK. We now have 14,000 members and we grow consistently everyday. Proving that sadly, more and more people are becoming affected by this disease every year!

From 2018 I have thrown myself into the awareness campagin, working alongside Lyme Disease U.K.

I have lit buildings up, campagined in parliament, met with local MPs, been interviewed by the BBC, SKY and ITV and dedicate my social medias to the campagin too. As I never want someone to suffer through the hell people infected have to battle through everyday.

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Yes a tick is small, but the damage done can be indescribable.

We want the public to ensure they are protecting themselves when they go to that family BBQ's this summer, festivals, gatherings, picnics and holidays. Because currently prevention is the best cure. Applying bug spray takes literally seconds but it could save you from a life of medical bills and suffering.

We also hope by lighting up building for sufferers who are housebound and bedbound can bring comfort. That they aren't allow in their struggle and we are doing all we can to make them feel seen and heard as well.

We are truly thankful for the medias support, as every article written, every new clip and every radio segment reaching a whole new audience and helps educate more and more people which in the long term saves so many lives.

Please visit for prevention tips, patients stories, campagin news and sufferers successes in their own campagins.