Your views on the fight to save Preston’s Market Hall: "Market needs to be glassed in"

Traders in Preston’s award-winning Market Hall are complaining of an all-time low in customer footfall.
The Brew and Bake cafe in the Market HallThe Brew and Bake cafe in the Market Hall
The Brew and Bake cafe in the Market Hall

It comes as two stalls stopped trading from the glass hall in quick succession, ending their contracts with Preston City Council.

Business owners have blamed the cold for declining customer numbers but also say the closure of the old market hall car park has hit footfall even further.

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This, coupled with higher rent, has led one trader to say the stalls were better off in the old market while another says she has had to give customers their money back.

The Brew and Bake cafe in the Market HallThe Brew and Bake cafe in the Market Hall
The Brew and Bake cafe in the Market Hall
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This is when the Makers Market will return to Preston

Traders say their concerns have been met with silence from the city authority.

We asked for your views on our Facebook page

It’s cramped, without any character, with doors opened at either end it’s very draughty. Whoever designed, doesn’t understand the market concept.

Linda Loo

They changed the layout of the roads, and took away parking.. There is barely any decent shops anymore.. half of shops are empty.. the council has managed to mess up the town centre..

Nicola Telford

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Should have revamped the old market. Also lost the car park which I found handy for market

Karen Felton

Towns keep creating no car areas so i can’t get to the shops. So now I virtually do all my shopping online, fresh food use my local supermarket

John Harvey

One simple solution...lower the rent.

Rachel Moore

I personally like the new market , Redmonds is the best stall in there

Kimberley Hardman

The old market hall was a dump. It may have had a heyday, but it was well over. Perhaps the town hall will offer a reduction in rent over the winter months as a means to keep their tenants?

Dax Imus

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The entire building should have been extended to Lancaster Road, thus making sure there was enough space for a much better variety of stalls. Also the rents should be reduced until the new car park is completed, it needs to be completely glassed in or whatever to make it warm and appealing.

Suzanne Lowe

We try our best to shop there but it’s difficult. It’s too cold and we can’t get everything we need. There’s nowhere to buy bread and not as much choice of other foods.

Pauline Thomas

Preston Council never once asked the people of Preston what they wanted, they just went ahead and built the thing,

Peter Titterington

Those of us who suggested at the time that this scheme was a bad idea were dismissed as negative, short sighted and “anti-Preston” Certainly appears that we had a point.

Liam Pennington

They should have kept the indoor market and car park and perhaps used the money they’ve wasted on the outdoor market to renovate the indoor market.

Natalie Waddington