'Who can blame them if they can't park at the hospital' - Readers have their say over calls for action against motorists using Preston street as a free 'hospital car park'

News that frustrated Preston residents are demanding action against motorists who are using their street as a free "hospital car park" has been met with a mixed reaction from readers.

Monday, 14th January 2019, 11:57 am
Updated Monday, 14th January 2019, 6:22 pm
Preston residents demand action against motorists using their street as a free 'hospital car park'

Householders in St Clares Avenue, Fulwood, near to Royal Preston Hospital, say that this long standing problem has worsened in recent weeks, blaming the new automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) parking system.

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Preston residents demand action against motorists using their street as a free '...

Here are just some of the comments from the Lancashire Post website and Facebook page today:

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Preston residents demand action against motorists using their street as a free 'hospital car park'

Completely agree. I have to now leave 2 hours before my shift starts to get a space!

Nicola Layton

Make hospital parking free

Matty Smith

Let's hope they dont need to use the nhs

Luke Alexander

Cars were parking on Sherwood Way before Christmas and now that cones have been placed there, restricting parking more vehicles are being parked in the residential roads. It's not just hospital staff causing these obstructions, visitors too are trying to avoid the cost of parking at the hospital. It is outrageous that the nearby residents should have to suffer.

Denise Helm

They just need to get on with building the multi-storey car parks they've been going on about for years and it'll sort the issues out!!!!

CJ Green

I am sure that OUR CITY COUNCIL can afford a few tins of yellow pain.

Dave Wells

Graham Yates

Somebody has mention about PNE I agree about Parking it is annoying if you have Car can't get back in front off your House till after 5pm on Match Days

But saying that we have choice where we Live myself in Area off St Thomas Road for 30yrs and PNE has been there lot longer than that if people don't won't problem MOVE SIMPLE

Joan Johnston

Who can blame them if they can't park at the hospital

Ian Shaw

I live near the hospital and it can be a nightmare with so many people parking there and people don't always park considerately, however I as long as the don't block access I don't see a problem. people near me have put cones out and all sorts. if it means a doctor or nurse can get to hospital in time and stress free to care for their patients I'm happy for them to park where they like

Leona Steel

I always park in front of peoples houses, mostly because I don't care and it's free.

Luke Southworth

Don’t oppose the multi storey car park then. Can’t have it both ways can you.

Oli Yates

I live on Masonwood and have the same problem. i counted 13 cars this morning all parked on the pavements blocking access for prams and wheelchair users. its getting ridiculous. We had letters from LCC back in August saying they are going to be putting restrictive parking but as yet nothing has happened!! come on LCC get your finger out and this sorted!!

Jude Rodger