Did your company make the list?Did your company make the list?
Did your company make the list?

These 15 UK companies have the best work-life balance - according to people who work there

This year has seen the lines of work and home life blur into one for many people, with most spending much of the year working from home amid the pandemic

The unusual working situation has forced many to work extended hours to meet strict deadlines and keep businesses afloat, which has meant some downtime has had to be sacrificed. While businesses have worked to make the best of a difficult situation, some employers have made a huge effort to prioritise the health and well-being of their staff during this time. Glassdoor analysed millions of employee reviews from the past six months to reveal which companies ranked the highest for work-life balance in the UK. These 15 companies came out on top, with staff praising the flexible hours in and out of work, and the focus on mental health.