Sweet treats! Preston couple give up front line jobs to open new confectionery store in Bamber Bridge

Married couple Amy and Lauren made the brave decision to leave their jobs at Royal Preston Hospital for a career change - by opening a new sweet shop in Bamber Bridge.

By James Holt
Thursday, 6th May 2021, 3:45 pm

After their plans to buy their first home together were left in tatters when house deposits increased during the Covid-19 crisis, Lauren and Amy Elleray-Wilson decided to open their first business together.

They had spent years saving up to buy a house, but have now opted to manage their first business and have created a vibrant and fun sweet shop on Mounsey Road.

'Lolipops' has been serving traditional British sweets, along with Mrs Dawson's Ice Cream and American candy to the long queues of customers that have been flocking to the shop since its opening on May 1.

Married couple Amy and Lauren opened a new sweet shop in Bamber Bridge.

Amy, 31, said: "When Covid-19 hit, it threw a real spanner in the works and we realised we would struggle to afford a home. Lauren suggested that we open up a business and although I was sceptical at first, she persuaded me and we decided to pump all our savings into the new shop.

"It was a risk, but it has been phenomenal so far. We are absolutely blown away by the response we have had from local people and others who have travelled from as far as Blackburn to visit our new shop.

"It is all about putting a smile on people's faces - as long as they leave happy, then we have done our job. We thought it would be a great idea to open a colourful, bright and friendly shop like this which was missing in Bamber Bridge."

Amy, who worked as a cancer support worker and Lauren who was a discharge facilitator, both at RPH, gave up their full-time positions to donate their time and efforts to the shop.

They sold their car and used their house deposit savings to kickstart the business

And the young couple even sold their car when they were running low on cash in order to make their first business a success.

Lauren's dad had given her the nickname 'Lolipops' growing up, which is where the name for the shop first originated from.

"We sat down and listed all the businesses in the area, and realised there was a gap in the market for a business like this. We love sweets too, so it was a perfect match," Amy added.

"We have always been worried about Covid and of course we were apprehensive to take the risk, but I would much rather regret doing something than regret not doing it, so we took the jump.

They are selling traditional favourites, as well as ice cream and American candy

"The feedback we have had so far has been phenomenal and we just didn't expect it. We have been so overwhelmed, it has been crazy. When we first opened the shop there was a queue around the corner and people were telling us how excited they had been for us to open.

"We have put our all into this business and will make it work. We are also planning to franchise in the future and are running our bouncy castle business alongside the shop."

And inside, shoppers will be greeted by wall art by Kate Illustrates and ice cream from the renowned local Mrs Dawson's farm.

They also offer special boxed sweets gifts including Father's day and birthday packages.

They offer a wide selection of Pick'n'Mix options

Find out more at the Lolipops Lancashire page here.

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