'˜Shale gas industry will boost economy'

The Biba's at Blackpool Tower BallroomThe Biba's at Blackpool Tower Ballroom
The Biba's at Blackpool Tower Ballroom
The boss of the firm leading an energy revolution in Lancashire has urged business leaders to build a high energy service industry to drive the performance of its economy.

Francis Egan, CEO of Cuadrilla Resources, which is at the forefront of exploring for shale gas in the county, is convinced that many businesses in the services industry will benefit as the industry develops.

He believes that the services which would be created by a thriving shale gas industry would attract supporting industries in engineering and professional services which would deliver high quality jobs to Lancashire and the wider North West.

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Cuadrilla is the headline sponsor for this year’s Be Inspired Business Awards, the BIBAs, and will lead the judging panel for the Business of the Year category which meets its applicants later this week.

Mr Egan said: “There are some great employers in the Lancashire service sector offering high value jobs. A developed shale gas industry will afford more opportunities for those business to build upon their strong track record investing in developing skills and giving opportunities to our young people through apprentices and graduate programmes. We are committed in continuing to work with local businesses and the county’s Chambers of Commerce to ensure that Lancashire directly benefits from the commercial opportunities that a shale gas industry will bring to the county.”

Last week, Cuadrilla’s Lancashire Communications Manager, Sam Schofield, chaired the judging panel for the Business of the Year category, which included Mike Peters, the Fylde-based entrepreneur who is the holder of the Lancastrian of the Year, the BIBAs’ lifetime achievement award.

On June 5, the finalists for this year’s BIBAs will be unveiled, featuring businesses from throughout Lancashire.