Preston workers earn less than those in Manchester and Blackpool

Fishergate in Preston city centreFishergate in Preston city centre
Fishergate in Preston city centre
Workers in Preston earn less than the national average weekly wage of £539, according to a new report.

The city is among 47 towns and cities - defined as built-up urban areas with 135,000 or more people - where workers earn less than the national average.

According to data from The Centre for Cities, on average workers in Preston earn £480 each week - less than nearby Blackpool and Manchester but more than Wigan.

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Preston comes in the bottom 20 cities analysed by the think tank showing that on average workers earn £38 a week less than those in Manchester and £20 a week less than their counterparts in Blackpool. Employees in the city do however, earn £44 each week more than workers in Wigan.

It comes as no surprise that salaries are highest in London, where the average weekly wage is £727.

The capital is followed by neighbouring towns and cities with the South East performing particularly well.

The report shows a definite north-south divide when it comes to wages, with most - but not all - of the lowest paid towns and cities in Yorkshire and the North West of England.

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The Centre for Cities report shows that there are also big gaps between what people get paid for doing the same kinds of jobs in different towns and cities. However on the upside it also means a lower cost of living in places like Preston with housing and other costs more affordable.