Preston Nightclub Switch blasted by Lancashire Police boss for promoting Saturday night party in spite of Covid-19 outbreak

A Preston nightclub has been taken to task by Lancashire Police top bosses for promoting their party nights to revellers.

Friday, 20th March 2020, 12:00 am
Updated Friday, 20th March 2020, 12:31 pm
Switch Nightclub, Market Street, Preston

In a post, that has now been removed from its Twitter page, Switch Nightclub in the city centre defied government advice of discouraging 'large gatherings' - vowing to remain open with heavily discounted drinks from as little as just 60p.

The promotion has been blasted by Dep Ch Con Terry Woods, who has said officers will be sent to the Market Street premises today to speak with club bosses.

Dep Ch Con Woods, chairman of Lancashire’s Local Resilience Forum said he had "never singled out a business on social media before, but today I make an exception".

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He said: "Whilst lots of us battle to protect the public from harm, others aren't getting it.

“We all have a part to play in managing the spread of Coronavirus and in making sure our communities are kept safe.

"I would urge people to stay calm and to follow the advice from the Government and Public Health England including adhering to social distancing guidance, which means avoiding places where people gather in groups such as nightclubs and bars.

"We are being asked to make huge changes in the way we live our lives and these changes may well last for some considerable time so people should be prepared for that. We are working hard with our LRF partners to ensure we are all fully equipped to protect people as best we can.”

Twitter users claimed the venue may be in breach of their licence conditions, specifically one relating to public safety.

And Lancashire's top cop, Ch Con Andy Rhodes, said: "They're risking public safety very clearly. It's a non - essential mass gathering - totally irresponsible. No doubt the police, ambulance, and NHS will, as usual, have to sweep up after it when we're all trying to manage the pandemic.

"Wake up and smell the coffee."

The Tweet posted on Thursday evening read: "Corona or no Corona.....we are partying this Saturday until Boris calls last orders.

"SKNT starts this Saturday and we know it's a hard time for everyone so it's 60p drinks before 12am.#

"AND if that's not all we will give you 'FREE ENTRY' and and FREE drink on the G-List'

The post added: "Friendly earning if you cough more than 3 times throughout the course of the evening, we will be locking you in the cellar for good.'

Critics branded the timing and promotion of the message 'irresponsible' and 'complete lunacy.'

A spokesman for Lancashire Police confirmed officers were investigating.

Nobody at the club could be reached for an immediate comment.

Elsewhere, police in the Isle of Man have today made their first arrest using emergency legislation to hold a 26-year-old-man for allegedly failing to self-isolate.

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