Podcaster master: Lancashire radio entrepreneur tapping into £46m podcast market with new business

Kath Lord-Green, founder of Voice It PRKath Lord-Green, founder of Voice It PR
Kath Lord-Green, founder of Voice It PR
The story behind Voice It PR is a story of 4am drives to Swansea, of heart complications and pacemakers, and of an ever-changing media landscape. It’s Kath Lord-Green’s story.

A former radio presenter who helped build Ribble FM before moving on to work for The Wave and Swansea Sound (now called Greatest Hits Radio South Wales), the Ribble Valley-based Kath suddenly found herself working from her office at home during the pandemic, lockdown putting an end to her dawn drives down the M6.

But, while she may have been rid of the sleep-destroying early commute from Whalley to South Wales, as station manager she was now faced with the harsh reality of watching as her team meetings on Zoom slowly shrunk due to redundancies made by the new owners Bauer. She decided it was time for something new.

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“I wasn’t doing what I got into radio for, so I handed in my notice last November,” says Kath. “My mum said ‘how can you give up that job with all that money?!’, but I was done. The pandemic showed me there’s more to life than a great big salary. I took March off, which was great, but I needed to do something eventually. So I thought about what I liked doing.

Kath with Eamonn Holmes London Child of Britain AwardsKath with Eamonn Holmes London Child of Britain Awards
Kath with Eamonn Holmes London Child of Britain Awards

“I love meeting and interviewing people about their stories and editing content - everyone’s got a story to tell,” she adds. “I used to do a business show called Issue of Business for Ribble FM, so I brought that back as a podcast called Voice It Podcast, and also wrote a training guide for podcasts to help people who aren’t sure how to do one or what to say.”

With that, Voice It PR was born. A new business focused on podcasts, public relations, and project management, the company is mainly focused on helping businesses develop dedicated podcasts as part of their multi-platform digital marketing strategies, allowing them to showcase a human side to their company via authentic people telling their own stories.

The UK media landscape is currently experiencing a boom in the audio medium, with some 21.1m people in the country listening to podcasts regularly and the amount of money spent on podcast advertising recently reaching £46m annually. The Whalley-based Voice It PR is there to help businesses get in on the action.

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“Podcasting is massive, but loads of people aren’t doing it,” says Kath, with her firm helping people plan, host, edit, and release shows whilst also offering training to those wanting to learn how to produce their own episodes. ““Everyone I’ve spoken to so far has been really receptive to the training because businesses know they need a podcast.

Kath's home officeKath's home office
Kath's home office

“It’s like back in the day when people used to ask ‘have you got a website?’” she adds. “I absolutely love the work, although I did have a little blip when I had to have a pacemaker fitted. I’d just started and I had a bit of a do and ended up in hospital - my heart was stopping through the night, so I’d have died without it.

“But I’m alive and I’m even more passionate,” Kath continues, a warm smile painted across her face. “I’m doing everything I like: I 100% made the right decision.”

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