Otter's Pocket Preston: These are the 9 delicious flavours of pie your can try at the city's newest restaurant

Preston's latest restaurant is bringing something completely different to the city.

Friday, 23rd November 2018, 2:08 pm
Updated Friday, 23rd November 2018, 3:20 pm
Otter's Pocket Preston

The Otter's Pocket pie and ale house is aiming to be the place to visit before 'going around town' according to owner Mark O’Rourke.

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First look inside Preston's new pie and ale house The Otter's Pocket

So if you are looking for snack while doing a spot of Christmas shopping, or a quick bite before a night out, here is all the handmade food you can try.

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Otter's Pocket Preston

The pies:

The Pissed Cow - The classic steak and ale pie given a cheeky rebrand will cost the unusual sum of £8.88.

The Garstang Blue - Steak with creamy Garstang blue cheese is also £8.88.

Mr McGregor's Rabbit Pie - A certain famous rabbit may not be too keen on this £9.99 rabbit, mushroom and brandy pie topped with filo pastry.

One of the delicious pies available at the Otter's Pocket in Preston

There's A Leek In The Coup - As the names says, and again for only £8.88

Fish Pie - The least creatively named pie on the list, but crammed with smoked haddock, prawns, cod and salmon - £8.88.

The Randi Bambi - It's deer...sorry couldn't resist! This Venison filled pie will set you back £9.99

Mary Lost Her Lamb - This £9.99 Shepards Pie is filled with proper chunks of lamb.

the Otter's Pocket in Preston

Alreet Cha - Preston favourite, butter pie for only £7.77

Roasted Gobi Curry (Vegan) - £7.77

For an extra £1 you can add cheesy mash, colcanon mash and sweet potato mash.