New Burger n Shake shop in Chorley

Simon LiuSimon Liu
Simon Liu
A new burger and milkshake store has come to Chorley Market.

Simon Liu and business partner Tina Wade, who own Bubble n Shake Milkshake Shop in Market Street, have opened Burger n Shake.

The new store dishes up burgers, hot dogs and 60 flavours of their most popular milkshakes.

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Simon who opened the new store in time for Chorley Live said: “We opened for Chorley Live to say ‘I’m here’.

“The shop is all white at the moment, it’s just short of a few pictures.

“All feedback so far has been really positive and people have made some good suggestions which we’re taking on.

“We’ve had lots of returning customers.”

The new Burger n Shake takes the place of where Tex Mex used to be and Simon told the Guardian that when the owner decided to pack up and move on he jumped at the chance to take on the shop unit.

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“It was a regular place where I got my lunch,” he said. “He wanted a quick sell.

“I thought this is the perfect opportunity for me.”

The duo have had Bubble n Shake, which stocks 120 flavours of milkshake, for almost four years.

Simon said: “Bubble n Shake is doing really well, we had a really good night when Chorley Live was around.

“We’re looking forward to the future and operating two branches in Chorley. I’m still getting new customers.”

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