Naseeb Indian: Euxton takeaway review proves a feast for the eyes

Fashion is a fickle business.
Naseeb IndianNaseeb Indian
Naseeb Indian

There are those of us who try to keep up with every new fad and trend, and there are those of us who wait patiently, sitting, and watching as things eventually come back round.

And so it is, that the web designer of the Naseeb Indian Takeaway’s internet page has waited long enough for his or her creation to warrant ‘retro’ status.

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Hey kids, if you want to know what the web looked like when we had to dial-up and make a brew while we waited for things to load, check out

Chicken Tikka PepsilaChicken Tikka Pepsila
Chicken Tikka Pepsila

Once there, strips of overly colourful banners will guide you through an extensive menus, from starters to house specials, favourite curry dishes, banquets and more.

Just as your eyes have adjusted to the electric colour scheme, you can marvel at an inexplicable press-cutting photo of John Major, and a five-star hygiene rating from 2015. (The restaurant still has five stars).

It’s genuinely cool, if a little bonkers, and I’ve a feeling the same person might be responsible for the exterior design job of the restaurant itself. You won’t miss it.

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Once inside, it’s hardly back to the future, and if John Major wasn’t baffling enough, here you’ll find David Beckham, shaven-headed and pre-tattoos, grinning from a frame on the wall. I don’t know why.

But there’s plenty else to see, as the waiting area is almost part of the open-plan kitchen, where you can watch busy award-winning chefs prepare your dinner.

Deviating from my regular favourite of madras, I decided to try the chicken tikka Pepsila, which as described was indeed fairly hot and spicy. Cooked with green peppers, onion and green chillies, it was a very flavourful curry with a distinctivy tangy taste.

My dining partner went for a classic choice of chicken tikka bhuna, cooked in a balti style, which was a medium curry, as expected, with the added interest of onions and peppers which was delicious, despite being a little bit oily.

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We shared a chilli naan (you can’t have enough chillis in a dish), and here was a bread stuffed with them, and vegetable pilau rice.

Despite living nearby for over four years we’d never tried Naseeb’s, but charmed by the tasty currys and retro stylings we are sure to return.