Meet Preston's Instagram stars: City's social 'influencers' give their top tips for success

We meet the top Preston-based '˜influencers' who are storming Instagram.

Friday, 21st December 2018, 2:07 pm
Updated Friday, 21st December 2018, 3:08 pm
Ever fancied being an Instagram celeb?

The posters, who upload photos about travel, lifestyle, fitness and fashion to Instagram, have more than 163,000 ‘followers’ between them, and are riding the crest of a wave for social media that is shaking up marketing and advertising.

Preston law student Rosie Pickering, 21, created her Instagram account 18 months ago. She has amassed a following of 109,000 people by showcasing clothing, makeup and home interior shots.
Rosie has just left a part-time job in order to concentrate more on her Instagram account, which she makes money from through sponsorship deals with companies.

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Promoting your account on other platforms or blogs is a great way to get exposure | Don't be disheartened if a post doesn't do as well as others | Gain followers by actively commenting and liking bigger bloggers or celebrities.
42-year-old Father-of-three Ian Worthington has amassed a following of more than 40,000 people over five fitness-related Instagram accounts. As a qualified personal trainer, he is a self-confessed fanatic about health and fitness.
Comment on other peoples posts, particularly just prior to posting your own | stick with your theme/genre Make posts flow and look similar | Come up with unique, inspiring, funny posts
Post daily (less than once per day is too little, and more than three too much) | Spend time on an interesting caption, relevant hashtags, tags and ask questions | Reply to comments on your post
Luke De Valle, 27, focuses on travel, lifestyle, photography and food. He says he uses it as a modern day scrapbook, which also helps him to connect with like-minded people and make some money.
Luke was brought up in Warrington, but moved to Preston for university in 2010. Hes spent the past four summers working abroad and travelling, with winters spent working in Prestons nightlife and events industry.
Find your niche and brand your account towards it. 7 | Adopt a posting structure, consistency is key | Make the most of hashtags,Luke said he has amassed many more followers since he began using hastags in 2016.