Love Preston: This is why the city is the best place to live in the North

It’s little wonder Preston came out on top in the Demos-PWC Good Growth for Cities Index, and is in a great place to bounce back after Covid restrictions are lifted.

By Colin Ainscough
Sunday, 14th February 2021, 7:00 am

The city remains the highest performing in the North West, not least because of the positive work-life balance it offers, while remaining comparatively inexpensive either to buy or rent.

In normal times - and those normal times are coming back some day soon - the modern city is a vibrant, diverse place, proud of its distinguished past but with everything a modern metropolis could need.

If you want ready access to the countryside, it’s right there.

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What do you love most about Preston?

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Love Preston: Guild City’s all about people

From historic links to Thomas Arkwright and the Industrial Revolution to memories of Preston North End, Sir Tom Finney and the Football League, there’s plenty to savour in history.

But travel in from the rural areas and the city’s a big, bustling, modern retail centre.

There’s everything you could ask for, from national chains to smaller independents – and it’s all within walking distance. Plus we have our own supermarket brand, Booths!

Preston docks

If you’re not looking for retail therapy, Preston has no shortage of places where you can take the weight off.

Traditional pubs are tucked down side streets and, if you’re peckish, there aren’t many flavours you can’t find in Preston.

Culinary treats are here from all corners of the world.

Despite modernisation, primarily aimed at pleasing motorists, Preston retains a ‘real’ feel.

Avenham Park

It’s a great place just to walk round, boasting more than 160 miles of footpaths and bridleways and a proud compliment of six museums.

They’re all fascinating, they’re all in English and they’re mostly free.

The Guild Wheel is a 21 mile circular route that can be ridden or walked in any direction for as far as you want. You can join the route at any point on the way.

The route is mainly off-road and traffic-free, providing a scenic and safe cycling and walking route for all the family to use.

Statue of Sir Tom Finney

Use the map to help plan your route around the entire Guild Wheel or to create shorter cycling and walking routes to suit your location and ability.

Any stroll should take in the docks and marina as well, revitalised in recent years but no less historic, giving a further nod to that past heritage – from steam trains and boating to waterfront living, shopping, eateries, pubs and cinema. And there is plenty more to come.

The city of Preston has big ambitions for the future too.

There is a whole host of building programmes underway and in the planning, from the new Markets Quarter entertainment complex to the new city living apartments which are springing up throughout the city centre.

If you live in Preston there’s plenty to keep you occupied and entertained. But the city has also developed along the lines of other major UK centres.

Shopping parks are dotted around with colossal car parks, ideal for getting in and out quickly.

Preston Market

It’s a convenient, as well as a friendly, place to live.