Lancashire wax specialist bids farewell to landmark towers as £1.5m investment drive begins

Chorley wax manufacturer Kerax has said goodbye to the landmark two towers at Cowling Road.

By Tim Gavell
Wednesday, 1st September 2021, 12:30 pm

The two huge towers which have stood over Kerax’s factory since 1972 have been removed to make way for two new blending vessels, which forms part of Kerax’s £1.5m investment in new facilities to increase production.

They were built for powdering waxes, but in recent years their use was reduced to flying the England flag at moments of national pride, including this summer’s Euro finals.

Over the years the two towers have become part of the landscape around the Cowling Brow area and have often been used for directions.

A crane moves in to take down the Kerax towers

They have made way for two large scale melting vessels to be used to manufacture Kerax’s range of candle waxes which are behind the business’s significant growth in 2021.

Over £1.5m has been invested in increasing factory capacity to manufacture candle waxes, with two new pastillators currently in progress with installation anticipated before the end of the year.

Kerax’s chief executive, Ian Appleton, said: “While we are sad to see the two towers go, this milestone is a significant moment in the development of our factory and signals the exciting new direction our business is going in.

"Kerax Candle Waxes are world renowned for quality and exported globally, we are proud to call Chorley home and this new investment will cement our position as leaders in the

The towers have stood at the site since 1972

wax industry.”

Initially established in 1962, Kerax is the only dedicated, large-scale wax blending plant in the UK and is a leading European manufacturer suppling internationally.

Since 2006 Kerax has expanded from 18 employees and a turnover of £4m in 2006 to 70 plus employees and a turnover of £25m.

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