FOOD HYGIENE RATINGS 2018: Preston maintaining high standards

Preston is cleaning up its act, as the latest tranche of food hygiene scores show just one takeaway was given the lowest rating.

Tuesday, 10th April 2018, 7:00 am
Updated Wednesday, 11th April 2018, 4:31 pm

In the Lancashire Post’s annual review of cleanliness at the area’s food businesses, Preston gets an almost entirely clean bill of health.

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Just one city takeaway - Popadom Palace in Friargate – received a zero star rating, while the number of one star ratings fell by 56 per cent on this time last year.

The revealing data comes from Preston Council, who carry out the inspections on all food establishments in the city.

Out of the 1169 inspected businesses, 96 per cent have the desired rating of three to five stars.

And of the total number of inspections, 69 per cent have been rewarded with the maximum level of five stars describing standards as ‘very good’.

Environmental Health Manager at Preston City Council, Simon Neighbour, said: “Recent inspections have recorded that 96 per cent of Preston food businesses have scored a three, four or five food hygiene rating and over two thirds now have the top rating of five.

“This is excellent news for the city and ensures diners a high level of food safety.

“Within the environment health team we encourage businesses to engage with us and discuss how we can offer help and guidance.

“More than 99 per cent of businesses we talk to improve, often to a rating of four or five, and we want to continue to work with those few that are struggling.

Mr Neighbour added: “I wonder if there are still some businesses that don’t feel confident about working with us?

“Speaking with the owner of a takeaway last week, he told me that when he heard we wanted to work with him he felt he couldn’t trust us.

“He thought we wanted to find fault and shut him down. After meeting with me for an hour, he discovered that we wanted the same as him – not to find anything wrong and be gone as soon as possible so that he could get on with serving as much safe food as possible.

“He felt relieved when he found we wanted to help – and why wouldn’t we? We have found that working together with businesses has given us the best results.”

Part-time manager at one-star-rated International Mini Market in Ribbleton Lane, Julius Mavrodi, said he told was inspectors would be back in the three months after the inspection but that hasn’t happened as of yet.

Mr Mavrodi said: “They can come again at any time and see we have everything perfect now. They will give us a minimum of four stars.”

A spokesman for Switch night club, said: “Since receiving the 1 star rating we have been revisited and although a new rating was not given we were informed that the rating would have been 3 star.

“Also since the rating was given we have stopped selling food completely.”General manager of Chameleon, Jake Baxter, said: “At the time of the inspection none of the management team at the business then are here now. The two chefs in the kitchen are also not a part of the business either.”

Mr Baxter added that when inspectors revisited Chameleon they would have awarded it five stars due to the changes that have taken place. They are now awaiting an official food hygiene rating revisit.

Attempts to contact all other zero and one star establishments were made but no response was gained.