Drivers who fail a simple roadside eye-test will have their licenses revoked immediately - your reaction

Drivers who fail a roadside eye test will have their licences instantly revoked by police as part of a crackdown on dangerous driving.
Police are to begin roadside eye checks of driversPolice are to begin roadside eye checks of drivers
Police are to begin roadside eye checks of drivers

Three police forces are planning to trial the approach, which could have consequences nationwide.

Under the new campaign officers will test the vision of every motorist they stop. If they cannot read a licence plate from 20m away they will immediately be barred from driving.Thames Valley, Hampshire and West Midlands forces will trial the idea.

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Sergeant Rob Heard, who represents the forces taking part in the campaign, said: “Not being able to see a hazard or react to a situation quickly enough can have catastrophic consequences.”

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Brilliant, so they shouldAndy Middleton

Only problem with that is that there has to be officers to stop them in the first place. Powers are great, people to implement them is the issue.John Bibby

There are plenty of them on mobility scooters and these people drive on the payment so maybe these to can have a test before buying one and learn how to drive, like a test run firstBrenda Jones

Make sure you know where your glasses are!Dave John

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I agree if you can’t see then you should have your glasses on, but if they are going take your licence away for something like that then being on drink or drugs whilst driving should also be a reason to take it as well because surely you aren’t seeing that clearly when you’re under the influence......just sayingKerry Lang

Can not see that happeningChristopher Mayer

That is way too far away, I have glasses for driving hubby said that’s over 60 footTina Grant

Just ban all drivers over the age of 60 they are all terrible and a danger to others. In fact at that age they are just about to become a drain on society, taking pension money and filling up the NHS. So don’t test them – just chuck them all in a demolition derby style event with no seatbelts and no glasses allowedJohn Traynor

Good, might catch a few mobile idiots as well.Tezz Bamford

I hope all police go through this test too. If they fail they should lose their job - simpleJames Helm

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I have seen bad drivers who have just passed their test and they drive through red lights. In fact just ban anyone who has ever done over 20mph. Job done.Christine Wise

Police should test the police officers as wellMalgorzata Rogowska

Police drivers take regular eyesight checks alreadyAndy McCoombes

Oooh, dear must deffo remember my glasses moreJade Robinson