Cousins go for gold with experimental new restaurant in heart of Preston

Two cousins are getting ready to roll-out Insta-worthy gold burgers and pizzas at their experimental new city centre eatery.

By Catherine Musgrove
Saturday, 5th December 2020, 8:37 am

Mohammed Ali Khan, 26, and Mujadib Ali, 29, both from Deepdale, have spent in excess of £150,000 refurbishing a derelict jewellery shop in Church Street, Preston, into an up-to-the-minute diner called the Food Lab.

They aim to bring a Manchester-style eating experience to Preston, but without the big city price tags.

Among their offerings are burgers coated in 24 carat gold, pizzas with 24 carat gold covered toppings, chicken injected with flavourings and smokey non-alcoholic cocktails.

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Mohammed Ali Khan, 26, outside the Food Lab in Church Street, Preston

"It's a new concept for Preston, it's unique stuff", said Mohammed.

"We've gone with a lab theme, so we'll be serving drinks in beakers and injecting meat with flavourings, that kind of thing.

"Our signature dish will be a 24 carat gold burger. It'll be priced around £7.50, whereas in Manchester the same thing could cost you £20-£25.

"We want the food to be accessible to normal people and families, and we've taken a cut out of our margins to do that.

"We want people to put it on Instagram and drive the marketing that way.

"We also thought that if we sell four burgers at £7.50 rather than one at £20, then it's better for us."

The cousins have both worked in the takeaway business since leaving school and say they grew bored of serving the same types of food week in-week-out.

But their venture into ownership came at the same time as Covid-19 restrictions.

Mohammed said: "It's been tough, it has. But we think that if you've got the will and drive to do it, if you're marketing is on point, then you will succeed."

He added: "At the moment we're limited to doing deliveries, but we have got everything set up to be Covid-safe inside, and are looking forward to welcoming families."

The Food Lab is set to open in coming days.