TV spotlight falls on Chorley soap manufacturer

A traditional soap manufacturer from Lancashire has featured in the ITV Show Made In Britain.

Tuesday, 25th May 2021, 12:30 pm
Updated Saturday, 29th May 2021, 10:46 am
Droyt's of Chorley

Droyt’s Products has been trading in Chorley since 1937 in Progress Mill, a Victorian cotton mill.

It makes traditional glycerine soap using antique machinery and most of the process is still done by hand.

Droyt’s is one of the last remaining factories in the world to create soap using such a process.

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Droyt's has a long history

ITV production company Daisy Beck Studios visited the factory in November 2020 to film the episode for Made In Britain which gives viewers insight into how products are made in the U.K.

This isn’t the first TV appearance for the Chorley company. It was featured on Salvage Hunters on Quest back in 2019 when Drew Pritchard visited the factory to unearth some treasures for his antique shop.

Alistair McCracken, Director at Droyt’s , said: “Salvage Hunters was a lot of fun and it was great to see our everyday objects being appreciated with a new pair of eyes.

“Made in Britain is more focused on our product and how we create the soap from start to finish.

Droyt's of Chorley

“Often customers ask if they can have a tour around the factory so appearing on TV means viewers can go behind the scenes to see how their favourite soaps are made”

Droyt’s is running an offer for viewers of Made In Britain.

It has created Introductory Boxes that contain a selection of best-selling soaps.

Made In Britain was broadcast on ’ May 20 at 8PM on ITV4.

It is available on ITVhub.

Droyt Products began trading in 1893, in Minsk, Belarus under its original name The Victoria Fine Soap Works during the Russian revolution.

The founding family moved the factory to Berlin and set up a new factory called Danico Glycerinsiefe Gesellschaft.

The family were Jewish so during the war they fled Germany and set up Droyt Products in Chorley in 1937.

The soaps are still made to the traditional recipes, using antique machinery brought over from Berlin in the 1930s.

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