Preston pubs, bars, takeaways and cabs: Here's how the city ranks for value on a night out

Fancy a night out, but you're watching the pennies?

By Brian Ellis
Saturday, 12th March 2022, 12:38 pm

You could do worse than head into Preston where a session on the razzle could cost you less than in many other parts of the UK, according to a new survey.

A package of a pint, a cocktail, a takeaway and a taxi will set you back 37 per cent less than they would in London and 27 per cent down on prices in Oxford.

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Cheers to a cheaper night out in Preston than most other cities.

Preston ranks 14th cheapest for a night on the tiles from 32 cities surveyed by vape firm IndeJuice.

But, while prices of beer, kebab and a ride home are lower than most places, watch those fancy concoctions.

Only London, at £12 a throw and Leicester a tenner, charge more on average for a cocktail than bars do here.

Preston (£9) is level with Brighton, Edinburgh, Cambridge - and Lancaster - as the next dearest place for an Espresso Martini or a Mojito.

Cocktails buck the trend on price as Preston charges more than most.

The figures have been welcomed by the group which promotes the local hospitality industry in the city centre.

Preston BID manager Mark Whittle said: "Preston is widely regarded as the best place in Lancashire to enjoy a night out.

"It remains the only destination in the county to have been awarded the national ‘Purple Flag’ accreditation for a safe, vibrant, and inclusive night out.

"Over recent years, the choice and quality has grown yet it still remains really good value.

“As well as being a great value place, visitors also feel overwhelmingly safe.”

According to the survey the average price of a pint in Preston is £4.22. That compares to £5.72 in London, £5.16 in Brighton, £5.10 in Edinburgh, £4.48 in Liverpool and £4.54 in Lancaster.

Even though cocktails are pricier than most places here, the cost of a fast food takeaway after a few drinks averages £5.87 in Preston, compared to £7 in Cambridge, £5.96 in Brighton, £5.94 in London and £5.92 in Lancaster.

Taxi fares for a five-mile journey in Preston average £12, the same as Lancaster, but only half the amount charged in Oxford (£24) and London (£26).

Overall Dundee in the cheapest city in the UK for a night out, averaging £25.35 - almost £6 more than Preston - for a beer, Bellini, kebab and cab.

London would set you back £49.66 and Oxford £37.12.