Step on the gas driver - world's first hydrogen bus arrives in Bamber Bridge more than an hour late

The world's first hydrogen powered double decker bus was more than an hour behind schedule when it stopped off in Lancashire on its way to the 26th UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow.

By Brian Ellis
Friday, 22nd October 2021, 2:10 pm

The Wrightbus StreetDeck Hydroliner called at the Baxi Heating factory factory in Bamber Bridge this week at the midway point on its journey from London to Scotland to show world leaders how green public transport can be.

But staff at the plant in Club Street, where engineers are developing hydrogen boilers for the future of home heating, were kept waiting to see the star of the show because of delays earlier in its journey.

"Unfortunately it was beyond our control," said a spokesperson for Baxi. "It was late leaving its previous two stops which meant it was about an hour late arriving at Baxi."

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The hydrogen bus with David Carr, John Regan-Stansfield and James Newell, who all work in the Baxi R&D department, developing the company's new 100 per cent hydrogen boiler.

Wrightbus CEO, Buta Atwal, said: “This tour is really highlighting the fantastic innovation happening up and down the country at firms such as Baxi as we move towards a zero-carbon future - and is highlighting the collaborations needed to make this a reality.

“We’ve long been excited about the potential benefits of hydrogen, not only in helping the UK to achieve a huge CO2 reduction, but in terms of the green jobs and wider economic benefits that a strong hydrogen sector can bring."

Baxi, a big employer in the Preston area, is one of a number of companies working in the hydrogen arena who are being visited by the Hydroliner along its journey to COP26.

"Baxi is developing 100 per cent hydrogen boilers that can help the UK achieve net zero carbon targets," said the company spokesperson.

The hydrogen double decker is driving from London to Glasgow to greet world leaders at the climate change conference.

The Hydroliner is an impressive piece of kit which takes just eight minutes to refuel and has a range of up to 250 miles.

It is the world's first production double decker powered by hydrogen - work is going on to produce a single deck version which could be on the market soon.

The double decker can accommodate 86 passengers and its hydrogen tank takes up to 1,120 litres of the liquid gas.

It is 100 per cent green, with water being the only by-product.

Wrightbus, who are based in Ballymena, Northern Ireland, plan to roll out 3,000 of its hydrogen-powered buses by the year 2024.