Fans in Preston jubilant as England come from behind to draw level with Denmark

Could it really be coming home?

Wednesday, 7th July 2021, 9:30 pm
Updated Wednesday, 7th July 2021, 9:32 pm

The sounds of cheers and screams could no doubt have been heard across the city tonight, as the semi-final Euros match called half time with a score of 1-1.

And hundreds of elated fans joined to chant “it’s coming home”, eagerly awaiting the second half of what has been a tense and turbulent match for all watching.

For the third time, Preston football fans are hoping for another win for England which will take them through to the Euro’s finals against Italy this weekend.

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Relief for fans in Preston at 1-1 (Picture: Neil Cross)

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More than 500 fans are sat on 91 socially-distanced tables tonight throwing themselves into the spirit of the game at Preston’s Flag Market and the spirit just can’t be denied.

Spirits weren’t dampened too much when Mikkel Damsgaard scored the first goal of the game, with morale keeping high and cheers continuing to echo.

And just minutes later, pints of beer were seen being thrown high into the air as elated fans jumped off their benches and embraced one another, sharing the unbelievable moment that Sterling scored the second goal, taking the score to 1-1 as they headed into half time.

Jane Hatton, from Preston, was out with friends enjoying the game for the first time so far during the tournament.

She said: “The atmosphere is electric, it’s just so amazing to be out with everyone and feel like everything is just going back to normal finally.

“England are playing really well so far. I think they’ve got this in the bag, but it’s hard to call it at the moment. It’s all down to the second half.”

And James Gath, from Kirkham, was also enjoying the game at the Flag Market for the first time.

He said: “This is just great, the atmosphere is buzzing. I feel like people are just so pleased to be out and this is the perfect opportunity to do it.

“England are playing well so far, but it is a bit nerve-racking. I feel like we have had our fair share of opportunities, and they need to regroup and really go for it in the second part.

“This is the best chance England are going to get in a long time and because of their success so far, there would be so much disappointment if they didn’t win.”

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