Community Rallies to Preserve Cocker Lane's Green Oasis Against Development Threat

In the heart of Moss Side, Leyland a battle is brewing over the future of Cocker Lane, a cherished local green space known for its tranquil paths and vibrant wildlife. Residents, united under the banner 'Friends of Cocker Lane,' are mobilizing against a proposed development they argue could irreversibly alter the fabric of their community.
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The Heart of the Community: Cocker Lane isn't just another street in Moss Side, Leyland; it's a lifeline for a close-knit community. With its lush greenery and bustling wildlife, including a significant population of bats, it offers a rare slice of nature in the urban landscape. Local resident, Stuart Buchanan, emphasizes, "Cocker Lane is where our children travel to school and learn the value of nature, where neighbors become friends, and where the rush of the town fades away."

The Proposed Threat: The proposed development, which seeks to transform this green haven just north of cocker lane into a housing estate for 23 new properties and has sparked widespread concern. this location was already considered previously in the housing plan of the area but was discounted due to the lane being at capacity, Critics argue that the development would not only strip the community of its green space but also escalate traffic, jeopardize pedestrian safety, and disrupt the area's delicate ecological balance.

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Community Mobilization: In response, 'Friends of Cocker Lane' was formed, a grassroots movement dedicated to voicing the community's concerns. Through their website,, they're rallying support, encouraging residents to object to the planning application through formal channels and community action. "Stuart Buchanan states, "It's about more than just preserving green space; it's about maintaining our community's heart and soul."

Cocker Lane entrance to the proposed siteCocker Lane entrance to the proposed site
Cocker Lane entrance to the proposed site

Environmental and Safety Concerns: Beyond the loss of greenery, the development poses significant environmental and safety risks. the increase in traffic threatens the safety of the many children and families who cherish the lane for leisure and travel. the existing application states that there are no bats in the vicinity of the proposed development, however all the residents here are aware of a thriving bat presence in the area which will be threatened should this application be approved.

A Call to Action: 'Friends of Cocker Lane' is standing in opposition; but they are happy to be involved in any proposed alternatives that respect the community's needs and environmental sustainability. They're calling on local authorities and the developer to consider alternatives and engage in open dialogue with the community. Stuart Buchanan asks that people visit the site to see how they can mobilise and get thier voices heard.

Looking Forward: As the planning decision looms, the 'Friends of Cocker Lane' remain hopeful, bolstered by growing support from local residents and environmental advocates. Their fight is a testament to the power of community action in preserving the spaces that make Moss Side unique and livable.