Buckshaw families concerned with 'rusty' tasting tap water are told there is no issue with supply

Families in Buckshaw Village are growing increasingly concerned about 'rusty' and 'metallic tasting' water coming from their taps.

Tuesday, 1st January 2019, 11:28 am
Updated Tuesday, 8th January 2019, 10:03 am
A number of families in Buckshaw Village are complaining of 'rusty' tasting tap water and foul drain smells.

But according to United Utilities, who provide water and waste water services in the area, there is nothing to fear from the 'tangy tasting' water.

Households have been complaining about their water supply for weeks over fears that it could be contaminated, with some people claiming their tap water tastes and smells 'off'.

One resident, Andrew Parsonage, from Central Avenue, raised his concerns on an online community forum after he noticed his cups of tea had a 'rusty' or 'liquorice' taste to them.

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He has reported his concerns to United Utilities who confirmed they will visit his home to investigate.

Similar concerns were swiftly shared by dozens of neighbours who said they had also experienced problems with their water supply.

Andrew Crowe, from Bamber Avenue, near the Green Man sculpture, said: "We had the same this morning! Couldn’t work it out - got fresh milk, used a different kettle ... still tasted awful."

Others had bought new kettles to try and solve their water issues, but were left puzzled when the peculiar taste remained.

Others reported that their bath water 'smelled funny' and one person said they had suffered stomach problems since moving to the area in August last year.

Rob Stafford said: "Same problem, I have to fill a bottle of water up from the tap and put it in the fridge to chill to be able to have a cold drink.

"We moved to the area in August and my partner has had stomach problems ever since."

Some families said they have even started using bottled water or filters because their tap water is 'undrinkable'.

A number of people said they had reported the issue to United Utilities and engineers had visited their homes to test their water.

According to one resident, the water firm had carried out checks at his home but could not find any issue with the supply.

Commenting online, Kevin Wheeldon said: "Had United Utilities here to check it and been told it’s down to the different levels of chlorine they need to add. Looks like petrol floating on the top."

But according to United Utiltiies, there are no known issues affecting the water supply in Buckshaw Village. However, the water firm confirmed it will be visiting a number of homes in the area this week to investigate further.

A spokesman for United Utilities said: "There are no known water quality issues in this area that we are aware. We would encourage any customer experiencing problems with their supply to get in touch directly so we can investigate on 0345 672 3723. We are open 24/7 to keep the taps keep flowing."