Become a FoodFriend and support local farms in Lancaster district

A dedicated fundraising scheme run by LESS Lancaster to support the development of local food projects and training of new small-scale farmers has launched a campaign to find 400 FoodFriends to join them.

Monday, 13th September 2021, 12:30 pm
Sign up to be a Foodfriend to help raise funds to train new small-scale regenerative farmers in North Lancashire and support an array of independent businesses in North Lancashire by funding their prizes.

LESS Lancaster's CIC FoodFriends scheme needs to find FoodFriends for their small-scale society lottery, which helps raise funds to train new small-scale regenerative farmers in North Lancashire and supports an amazing array of independent businesses by funding their prizes.

As well as being in a monthly draw for prizes, members will receive regular updates, information and opportunities to get engaged in the projects that FoodFriends funds.

Members of the scheme will also receive an annual report with a summary of project progress.

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By making a regular donation of £5 per month you are eligible for monthly prize draws to win Local Food Vouchers which can be spent with partner organisations.

The proceeds from the scheme go directly to supporting the set up of two new small farm sites in North Lancashire which will supply the local economy with organically grown produce and be a training and education centre for new entrant farmers.

Both sites will form the first FarmStart training centre and, from January 2021, will be providing training to the first cohort of trainees.

The sites will also grow organic produce which will be available to buy locally.

FarmStarters will take part in comprehensive, hands-on training in how to grow a market garden and set up small-scale food enterprises as part of a wider strategy to grow a resilient local food economy.

The Covid-19 outbreak has brought the need for local, resilient food economies into sharper focus.

This is your opportunity to support local projects to increase the amount of food grown locally by small-scale sustainable farming methods rooted within communities.

How does FoodFriends work?

*You sign up by direct debit via GoCardless to buy a FoodFriends Member Number.

*Each Member Number is for £5 per month.

*You can buy as many Member Numbers as you want.

*Once you sign up via GoCardless, your Member Number(s) will be allocated and sent via email.

*You must be over 16 to participate.

*A random draw will be made every month with a minimum of six Local Food Vouchers worth £30 each to be spent with Food Partners.

* If you win a voucher, you choose which Food Partner to redeem it with.

* Additional prizes will also be available from time to time and as the membership grows.

FoodFriends partners include Single Step, a workers cooperative based in Lancaster; Claverhill, a six-acre community farm on the edge of Lancaster;

The Fig Tree, a specialist fair-trade chocolatier based in Garstang; Sewing Café, a Lancaster sewing (and more) circle that promotes wellbeing and advocates sustainability; and Cockerham Boers, the UK’s longest established producer of high quality goat meat.

For more information and to sign up to be a FoodFriend visit here