'At least Preston is a city looking forward!' - Readers have their say on plans for a 15-storey tower block

An artist's impression of the new 15-storey Bhailok Court in Preston could lookAn artist's impression of the new 15-storey Bhailok Court in Preston could look
An artist's impression of the new 15-storey Bhailok Court in Preston could look | other
Preston’s skyline is set to get a towering new addition, with a landmark 15-storey apartment block expected to be given the green light.

Bhailok Court, which will include 176 flats, is planned for the site of the city’s former employment exchange near the bus station.

Councillors will be recommended to approve the state-of-the-art building in Pole Street when it comes before the planning committee tomorrow.We asked for your views on the plans and here is a selection of your comments left on our Facebook page.

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While I support and encourage investment in Preston, I can’t see anything about this building that is “state of the art”. Just another high rise build with little soul.

Mike Spall

Cue the whingers. 3... 2... 1... “it’s an eyesore”, “I blame the council”, “UClan is destroying our town” (irrelevant but someone will say it) “it looked much better when it was a demolition site” etc etc

Paul Eyles-Rushe

This is the third tower set to go ahead in the space of the past 12months alone, I’m so excited to see Preston rise up literally along with the completion of the uni masterplan.

Adam Clayton

Wonderful to see investment in our modern city.

Ranholme Feltersnatch

But what about the homeless?

Craig Williams

UGLY. Still what’s not in Preston? Preston Council tore down all the lovely buildings we had. We had better keep an eye on the Harris Museum!

Carole Willans

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What an eyesore. Spend the money on more important things - I wouldn’t want yo live in a tower block

Janet Woodward-Lund

Sounds great. Investment in the city is good news

John Hutch

Leave the new uni building alone - it looks really good. Do people not understand this brings a lot of money into Preston by students coming in to study, going to the shops etc. When they go home in the suummer the shops are empty around the Uni area .The new engineering building is fantastic will help my old company BAE recruit the up-coming young engineers when they get their degrees!!!

Joan Johnstone

Well said, Joan. Some people just don’t realise how good it is to see investment in the city.

John Hutch

Why are so many people on here complaining about improvments in the city centre? It’s simple really. If you try to stay still, you go backwards. At least Preston is trying to create a modern city which will be fit for the next generation. Take a look at some other towns and cities in the North West and you will see that they are stagnating. While I don’t agree with every single change being made, at least we are looking to the future, not wallowing in a past which has long disappeared.

Mariella Martin