Kevin the Carrot hunters forced to queue on Aldi's website this morning

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Early morning Christmas shoppers found they had to queue on Adli's website this morning as Kevin the Carrot and his friends went on sale.

This year, Kevin is joined in the supermarket by Katie and Russel Sprout, but shoppers had to set their alarms early this Sunday to get their hands on them.

Bargain hunters found access to the retail giant's website blocked, forcing shoppers to queue for entry behind thousands of shoppers.

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Last year the toys were so in demand that they were being sold for as much as £500 on eBay.

Needless to say, all the toys in this first online batch were sold out before 8am, but fear not, as the collection goes on sale in stores this Thursday 28th November.

Giant Kevins and Katies will cost £19.00, while Tiny Tom and Russel Sprout toys will cost £3.99 each.

The set of toys available, or not, this year

The set of toys available, or not, this year