Woof and ready for Grand gig

Clitheroe Grand will rock to a ferocious blend of traditional Celtic folk and punk rock next month when Ferocious Dog roar into town.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 27th October 2015, 2:25 pm
Ferocious Dog: Ken Bonsall
Ferocious Dog: Ken Bonsall

The band take traditional instruments like fiddles, whistles, mandolins and splices them with buzzsaw rock guitars and – well – ferocious attitude.

The end result is guitar riffs that could tear up tarmac, bass-lines that can drive nails through steel, withering fiddle breaks slashing the air and barbed lyrics that add iron and the spirit of rebellion.

This unique, aggressive yet inescapably feel-good music has blazed a trail through venues across the country and built them a formidable live following – known as Hell Hounds.

For many years Ferocious Dog appeared at small venues and pubs, until in 2009 the band were given the opportunity to play at Bearded Theory Festival.

They went down a storm, were asked to return the following year, then again, until ultimately they made it on to the main stage in 2012.

Their popularity grew tenfold, with gig and festival offers pouring in from all over the country.

The band arrive at Clitheroe on the back of their critically acclaimed new album From Without and with a new guitarist in tow - and punk indie icon at that.

Les Carter of Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine fame joined the band earlier this year, an event a spokesman for the band described as a dream come true.

“Carter USM headlined Glastonbury Pyramid Stage in 1992, and Ken (Bonsall the band’s lead singer, an ex-coal miner, turned fireman) and Dan (Booth, fiddler) were there in the audience - and now he is a member of Ferocious Dog,” they added.

Ferocious Dog play The Grand in Clitheroe on Saturday November 21. Tickets £10, call 01200 421599.